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defficulty swallowing

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:I just have my lab band put 2 months ago

-- not sure if I feel full now

-- I have defficulty swallowing aftr 3 refills -

total band size is 10 cc and now has only 4 cc and very painfull sawllowing


You were banded 2 months ago and have had 3 fills? What surgeon do you have? Definitely not Ortiz and Martinez. I have no idea what to tell you to do. If you are having pain swallowing I would say go back to your surgeon. But if you surgeon has filled you 3 times in 8 weeks of being banded I would also say to find a new surgeon.

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Yeah. Three fills in 8 weeks is incredibly unusual.

I'd suggest you go back to your doctor. if you're not satisfied perhaps get a second opinion.

Also, when you say you're having difficulty swallowing, what re you trying to eat. Are you getting that 'golf ball' like a huge pain at the front of your chest thing? If it's that, then you might simply be trying to eat too much too quickly.

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I just got home from the local doctor in my hometown who did not do my banding or fills. I have been banded for 3 years and maintained a weight without fills for 2 years. I got a fill on monday and got TOO MUCH! I was hospitalized on Thursday with marked dehydration and lemme tell ya. If you aren't getting any liquids down you are too tight.

Fills should be done in increments when you are ready. Don't go by the scale, go by how much food is just right for you and if you are losing 2lbs a week in the early stages that is great. Most docs won't fill you if you are continuing to lose weight at 2lbs per week. Any more than that, they won't even dare give you a fill.

You are TOO early in the game for that many fills. Your body take a long time to adjust to the banding. Even with me going 2 years without a fill and getting one was just like being banded again. The stomach is a very sensitive body part!!!!

Hope you feel better soon!


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