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Financing Your Lapband Surgery

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Buyer's beware! If you are considering financing your surgery loan, read the contract carefully. I just got my first bill from Reliance going through eFinancing and am so upset. They charged $1483.00 just to set the loan up. The contract is very slick with how they show you the amounts. If you look at the total, the monthly fee's for the loan, it adds up correctly. But what they don't tell you is that the monthly service fee is charged for the life of the loan regardless if you pay it off early. Plus you get charged the interest fee IN ADDITION to the service fee. I never would have gotten this loan had they been upfront about this...

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I have learned to be very vigilant with my credit. I also applied for the loan and when I got all the paper work and read ALL of it, there are almost $2,000 worth of charges PLUS 10% interest rate. They were not even covering the whole cost of the surgery! Tey offered me about $6,500 and my total loan amount owed still came to $8,000. I called them back and said NO THANK YOU! and they even had the nerve to write me a letter and say "Unfortunatly due to your credit history, we cannot extend a loan to you at this time." They are a bunch of crooks! I ended up putting the surgery cost on my credit cards with a much better deal!

In adition to the loan amount they charge a Doctor Adjustment Fee. I asked where this $200 per month fee goes, and they said to the bank who is loaning me the money. Then I asked in adition to the interest payment! WTF?! :huh: So please make sure you use them as a last resort! <_<

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