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My blinky won't work

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Ok so I went and followed all the steps for a blinky. I highlighted and copied (right clicked) the code. Went to my edit signature and right clicked paste the code on to my signature. clicked saved and....all I get to see is the code. What am i doing wrong?

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Just have a second but let me see if I can explain...

All you need from the code that they give you is the address of the picture.... It will start with http:// and end with .gif

Sunshinegirl yours is: http://server.blinkyou.com/glitters/glitte.../Dh4qOejaEF.gif

So go into your signature control pannel and click the rte-image-button.png icon the popup box will provide the http:// part so all you need to enter is: server.blinkyou.com/glitters/glittermaker/gallery/05232008/Dh4qOejaEF.gif

And you should get this:Dh4qOejaEF.gif

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