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Why can’t I belch? + another ?

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I’m 8 days post op and I can not belch although I really feel like I need to kwim.

Also Yesterday I started my creamy soup stage (Broccoli and cheese) It had specks of broccoli in it and after 5 bites I felt like something was stuck in my throat when I swallowed….well that feeling is STILL there and it’s been a whole day. I’ve put an email out to Dr Ortiz and I’m waiting for his reply…..has this happened to anyone before?

This feeling is horrible...no pain just uncomfortable



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Hope you’re not too uncomfortable! That's a long time to still feel like your soup is stuck. I haven't experienced or heard of that on soup. Quick question, have you tried going for a walk? Whenever I have that stuck feeling it really helps if I get moving. (It gets things moving again and I'm able to burp, which we really need to do).

I’m sure Dr Ortiz is in with his surgeries and it’s his birthday so you may have a little bit of a wait.

Take care and let us know if walking clears it!



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Not sure about the stuck feeling with soup... I never had a problem with any of the soups. Now the burping thing... I burp almost every time I bend over! :blink: I never could force myself to burp, but if I feel like I have one in there I bend over a few times and it comes right out. Not sure if it'll work for everyone, but worth a try. :P Darlene

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I felt all those feelings. The burping returns. It will be a different burp than you are used to, because there are now two pouches separated by the band's restriction.

Apple juice in SMALL sips.... not very much total..... just a few sips would help me.

As far as the soup goes, don't use the entire spoon. Coat the spoon for a while, instead of a "spoonful". Give yourself time to adjust to it. You may want to stay on water-based soups for another day or two. Brocc and cheese is really a melted cheese soup, instead of a cream base. It's VERY thick. Try a cream of chicken instead, or something similar.

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I had the same thing - and it was a gas bubble. I tried clam chowder for my creamy soup - just the broth - and it created an entire night of gas! Sorry to be blunt - but I could fart, but not burp - and I really needed to. After several hours - I mean several, I finally had a very weird PB of a gas bubble with about sips of water I took minutes before that come up!

Gas X didn't work for me. But after the gas bubble came up - I felt sooo much better!!!

Good Luck!!!

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Yeah, the bleching thing has me depressed!

Had I known I wouldn't be able to hold onto my BELCHING QUEEN title after banding, I don't know if I would have had it done, LOL!!!!

Ok, yes, I would still have had it done. But, see, I have won many a contest in that area and it a little sad to think I can't do it anymore. In fact, the weekend before I was banded, we had our last contest.

I've since been de-throned, to the pleasure of almost everyone!

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