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I conquered that monster called a scale today.....

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mustered up the strength to do it anyway, with eyes closed of course, that is until I stood there long enough to gather up some courage and look down


3 pounds lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heck, that only took 6 weeks. 45,689 weeks to go!!!! Just kidding! But it IS about time something came off of me.

I am happy!

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Way to go M-C! You are on the way, I think many of us lose weight that way, especially after a long plateau, I was sitting at 200lbs for 2 weeks waiting and waiting for the scale to dip down one little pound then one day I was 197... Surprised the heck out of me as well!!

Any weight loss is a victory so keep celebrating! =D>

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Woot! Doing the happy dance for you! :dance2:

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