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It's been 1 week!!

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It's been a week and I can't believe I lost 10 pounds. I stayed on clears for the full 7 days. I am surprised that I do have quite a few hunger pains(or are they really head hunger?). My stomach does growl alot. I went back to work yesterday, and was tiptoeing around so I wouldn't hurt myself. I am a labor and delivery nurse so I never know what to expect at work but luckily I had a pretty easy day and got to go home a little early. I want to tell anyone who is awaiting their surgery not to be nervous at all....easy for me to say but really true. The surgery was a breeze and I felt so good that afternoon myself and 2 others went back to the hotel that afternoon. We even changed our flights to come home and came home the next day after surgery. Now I want you all to know I am a wimp with capital letters WIMP when it comes to any sort of painful thing. If I did so good than for sure the majority of you will be surprised.

I am trying to get active in the chat area here as a means of support. I am so lame at using computers though I havn't figured out how to use all the bells and whistles like the ticker strips, stars, and just about anything that takes computer savvy. Any tips? I was wondering also about my member name and how they call me a "newbie". Does that just get changed by them or can I change it? I realize that's what I am but ya know after a week I should at least be a "novice" LOL!!!

I wish you all a great day and no matter what point you are at I like to think that we're all in it together!!


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WOW, 10lbs thats great. Congrats. I'm a week away from solids and I can't wait, right now I'm craving like crazy.

Now, for the newbie description...that will change as you post more posts.

If you want to have your stats added to each post (like mine) you have to go to My Controls (top of page) and then go to Edit Signature. Once in there just type your information in the box and when done click Update signature. Now your stats will show each time you post.

I'm not that great with this kind of stuff either but you do get a little better with time. MamaMichelle is very good at explaining how to do things. There's also a tech area where you can get instructions on how to do some things.

Good Luck

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