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I'm curious how many fills you all get... if you have a higher amount, can you sort of explain why?

I've only been banded two months or so. It takes a minimum of 6 weeks for the initial procedure to heal, per the OCC, and they won't approve a fill until after that time. At my first fill at a Fill Center, the rep told me that many people have as many as 7-9 a year, depending on the success, the amounts of the fill, etc.

I can see some people being tentative about a fill, wanting to go in small increments. That is a solid, safe strategy, but results in lower weight loss over a longer time. It also means more fills. I can see some people wanting an agressive fill. And that has an element of risk involved, but can result in a more dramatic weight loss in a shorter time. Ergo, less fills as well.

There is no right path, or wrong path, it seems. It depends on the individual, and that individual's reaction to the fill.

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I get my first fill 6/18, exactly six weeks after my surgery. I am so excited because I have no restriction. My understanding from this forum is that the first fill usually does not restrict very much, if at all. Usually the second one is better, and then after that....?????

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Hi Jessi

I had my 1st fill 6 weeks and 1 day after banding = nothing

2nd fill 10 weeks after banding = some restriction

lost 12 lbs and then big appetite and no weight loss

3rd fill after 15 weeks = restriction right now -6lbs


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I have the VG band, I've had 9 fills over 20 months, small increments. I have 6 cc’s in my band and from my understanding it holds up to 11cc (I’ve heard 10cc as well).

I went to another doctor for my fills and my gut feeling is, if I had gone to the OC I would have received less fills. (At $375 a pop that’s could have been a substantial savings).

I’ll be honest, early on I saw a woman early on come into the Doctors office at the same time as I did, and she had had an aggressive fill. Her band was closed (or tight I don’t know) and she was dehydrated and the only way I can explain it foaming at the mouth. It scared the (blank) out of me. So I decided slow and go, if you average out my weight loss its 1.5 pounds per week.

We each need to make our own decision on how we want to loose the weight, there will be several factors, the big one I fight is emotion and when I get frustrated. I sometimes have to hold myself back… (and then there’s costs, its not cheap to get fills)



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