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Creamy soup w/super small bits


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Hi Everyone,

I am still in the liquid phase and am eating cream of chicken. The chicken is soooo small that it is almost blended in the soup. However, there are a few bits that I catch with my tongue and spit out. Is it safe to drink/eat this soup? I drink it with a spoon and am able to scoop only the liquid parts. However, there may be a few undetected bits that may be going through. I know that others say they are drinking/eating grits, and grits have the same size particles and even moreso than this soup. What do you guys think? Is it safe?

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Hi there,

I have been having clam chowder and cream of potato soup with chunks...I remove the clams but eat the potatoes, I chew them into paste before I swallow and so far so good. My surgeon said the area for food to pass through is still fairly large right now.

I tried a new blend tonight.

1 can of Campbell's Cream of Potato Soup

1/2 can of Campbell's Cream of Cheese Soup

1/2 cup skim milk

Blend if you don't chunks or stir if you do

Heat and Serve

Oh my goodness it was good. Four days into my creamy soup diet and I am starting to get inventive.

Enjoy, Cathy

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You should be ok. Can I ask what quantities of these you are having at a sitting?

Is it possible to hurt my band at this stage or only after I start "real" (aka chewable) food late next week?

I am not normally a soup person, but I do like cream of broccoli cheese soup.

So far I have made cream of broccoli cheese and added some garlic herb seasoning and parmesean and blended it until it was smooth with a wand mixer. Heat and serve.

Today I also made a mixture of cream of chicken and cream of aspargus adding the parmesean cheese, blending until smooth. Heat and serve.

Both have been pretty good.

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