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4 month progress Pics

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I was finally able to get my new camera working and the pics uploaded so here they are... I lost 10lbs this month (I think my week of boot camp helped me eek out 2lbs more than my past average of 8lbs a month) I guess the smaller I get the less I notice the changes but one thing's for sure my new camra takes a lot better pics than the old one!




Jan 1st 2008 – Highest Weight/Start of Pre Op Diet

Weight: 246 lbs

Chest: 48″

Waist: 46″

Hips: 51″

Arms: 16.5″ and 16.5″

Thighs: 30″ and 31″

Feb 28th 2008 – Date of Surgery

Weight: 226 lbs

Chest: 46.5″

Waist: 43″

Hips: 48.75″

Arms: 16″ and 16″

Thighs: 29.25″ and 30.25″

June 28th 2008 – Current

Weight: 184 lbs

Chest: 40″

Waist: 34″

Hips: 44″

Arms: 13.5″ and 13.5″

Thighs: 25″ and 25.75″

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As always Michelle, your pics and your progress are awesome. I too love my lapband.

When I went to the OCC, Dr. Miranda asked me what my goal weight with the surgery was and believing that for my height of 5'1", 125-130 was the ideal weight, that's what I told her. Unfortunately she said said 175 would be more probable, since I had been heavy most of my life. And I thought wow, 175 is still fat, that sucks!

But your pictures prove that at your current weight, you look beautiful, fantastic and healthy. I can only hope to look that good when I hit 184. Even though I have a long way to go, I am liking what I see in the mirror these days.

Just out of curiosity, did Dr. Miranda give you a "probable" weight goal? I wonder if she bumps up the numbers just to challenge us a bit more!

Keep up the fantastic work! Good for you! I look forward to seeing your progress pics each month. I 'm sorry I didn't think about doing it myself.


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You know I never asked dr Miranda what she thought my goal weight should be. I was around 145 in high school and college so that's where I set my goal though I would be happy in the 150's or even 160's as I am comfortably in a size 12 and those number shoul get me down to about a size 8.

I am not chained to the scale I was home from vacation for 2 days before it occured to me I need to weigh myself, I am just going with the flow working the band even though I've never had great/perfect restriction. If I want a treat like ice cream I have it, but instead of a large blizzard with double toppings I get a small cone or kids sized cup and I don't feel guilty about it!!

Congrats on meeting your goal of 50lbs gone by the 4th, you'll be sailing into onderland before you know it!

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Girl you are HOT!!!!! Congratulations on your weight loss and wow the inches are incredible too. I can't wait until we get together to see our progress. The rate you are going you will meet your goal by our band anniversary!! I am not as savy with the computer so no pictures but I am doing great!! It took my second fill to really get restriction. Have you heard anything from Zulma??


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I can't wait to see everyone too Linda, so glad you're feeling the restriction after your second fill... I've had 3 and while I still don't get the "full" feeling if I eat anything too fast (even just 1 cracker in 2 bites instead of 4 bites) I will slime it back up so I am eating slower and smaller bites for sure, just making sure to stop myself when I reach 1/4 to 1/3 of what I used to eat!

Not sure about Zulma, I saw her picture on myspace and she looks thinner but that's about all I can offer maybe Miss Hanna knows more!!

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You look great!!! and truely an inspiration to us all!!! Thank you for taking the time to post your pictures. Your not only cute but smart as well to figure out how to put them side by side.

I love your realistic approach to losing the weight, Keep up the good job.

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I'm so proud of the progress you've made, Michelle. You look stunning! You are one of the main reasons I decided to have the surgery done because of your progress and uplifting and helpful posts. I can't wait to see progress like this on myself in a few months!

Keep it up girl...you're looking GREAT!


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What a wonderful transformation! I am in AWE of you!


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Michelle, you look so awesome! I just want you to know that you are my inspiration. I think you do such a wonderful job with your band. Keep up the great work!

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Oh and I forgot to say your new camera is fabulous! The difference in the color is amazing. I bought a Canon Rebel SLR when I had my kids and I am obsessed with it. It is one of the best purchases I ever made. A good camera makes all the difference!

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Wow! Absolutely fantastic - You are an inspiration for everyone - pre-band or post - Your awesome!!!!

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