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Must see or do's in Tiajuana

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Ok so my husband is going with me and wants to know what he can do while he is there? Any tips?


Does he like to shop? Does he need his teeth whitened? Is he still an adolescent wannabe who wishes he were on an eternal spring break?

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How long will you be there? There's a lot to do. Shopping on Ave Revolucion, at Plaza Rio, and in smaller cities like Ensendada and Rosarito. There are the playas, or beaches, in Tijuana and Rosarito. Lots of night clubs, spas, church and golfing. There is also, beautiful scenic roads to just drive along and intake the beautiful and wonderous scenic cities. It's all about what you want to do and logistics, there is Mexicoach which will take you to the beaches and of course, within the city there are taxis that will take you just about anywhere for about $5 per fare (make sure you tell them $5 is all you are willing to pay)

And there is the hotel swimming pool, restaurants, and nearby shops and museums. The TJ cultural center, wax museum, and local bakeries are all also places to go. In the hotel you will find a book titled "the San Diegan" in that book you can find places to eat, shop, and visit using taxis, buses, or trains. If you have a rental car, even better, just get a good map from the local area. Or click here and you can look at it online right now,look into the Mexico section :San Diegan

My family and I vacationed there in June and we followed this book like a Bible, it really has LOTS of information and the recommendations are all well supported.

Good luck and have lots of fun!

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Thank you!! He just has this idea in his head that it is not the nicest area!

On the contrary!! It's just like a busy city in the states in the area within at least 5 miles of the hotel. I am sure if you drive out a ways (which driving in Mexico is a talent!!) then it can get dicey.

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