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tattoo over tummy tuck scar

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Hi guys, I had a tummy tuck over 6 years ago and the scars never faded. Most of it was

brown. it always showed above my swimsuit and jeans.

I finally found a tattoo artist willing to tattoo over the scar. (most won't)

I just bought the black and white suit, and it is very low rise,

I am down 30 lbs. since surgery.


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that tat looks great! I have tons, but none over scars. I get really raised scars so I don't know that I could have one over my c-sec scars, I wish!

p.s. you look SO GREAT!!!!! I can't believe you have 25 lbs to go! I can't wait to buy a suit like that!

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awesome! I have a large thick scar from my tummy tuck 4 years ago and I seriously thought about having a tat over it. I talked myself out of it due to the fact that I hadn't mastered the permanent weight loss thing. Once I have the band and maintain goal weight I will check into scar revision first. But I love yours!


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I read somewhere years ago that Dolly Parton had roses tattooed over her hysterectomy scar and I thought that was so cool!

I've been thinking lately that I would have that done when I have a tummy tuck. Thanks for the picture! It looks great! I love it.

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You are SO HOT!!

I love the tattoo. It is beautiful and what a neat idea!

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Thanks everyone, I had wanted the ugly brown scar covered for so long!! So I was so excited.

I love hawaii and that is why I had the hibiscus flowers done. I had tried for 6 years, different

creams and shots to have the scar fade, and it never worked, finally I decided for the tattoo, then

that is when about 7 different artist said no, but I didn't give up. I found Rick in New westminster BC, Canada

at Fat City Tattoo. My hero.

As far a pain, it was weird anything in the scar or below didn't hurt, but man, when he started above the scar the

pain was all over the place.. figure the nerves are messed up from the tummy tuck, It felt like he was working above

my belly button, sometimes the pain was behind my right ear. I know weird B) but the pain only lasted seconds then

he would move on. I am so happy with it. Thanks for looking.

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