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Big day tomorrow

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Hello everyone,

Well tomorrow is the day I fly to Tijuana. I am so calm about this whole thing. I guess it won't really hit until I am there. I have fought and struggled to loose the 11 lbs I was supposed to loose. I am down 6 lbs, that upsets me but it is what it is and I cannot dwell on it. I can't wait to meet everyone that is being banded. Bringing the ole camera with me so I can take lots of pictures. :D



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You will do great!!!! My tips. There is a taco stand on the side of the right side of road from hotel to OCC that has great broth. Also that big yellow cantina has great food on same side of road going to OCC. There is like a 7elveen across the corner from hotel that sells popscicles. Also do not but the "real purses"....They are crap and mine broke in the airport on the way home. I could have had a real Vera BRadley for that 50 bucks. Best wishes.

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I will also be at OCC tomorrow for my 3rd fill. My appointment is at 11 am so I probably will not see you.

Good luck and congrats on deciding to get banded. You will love OCC and Dr. Oritz!!

See you in Band Land!!! and don't forget to share your pics. :D

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