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leaving tomorrow but.........

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I was worried about the same thing as I didn't meet my goal and Dr. Miranda didn't say anything to me about it. I wouldn't worry about it. You did your best and that is all they can expect. The main reason they want you to loose the weight is so your liver is in better shape for the surgery.

See you on the other side.



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Congratulations!! Wow that came up quickly!!

Don't stress about the weight loss...my patient co-ordinator told me that the pre-op diet is designed to reduce the liver and not to focus on the scale. It is possible for your liver to be reduced of fat and the scale not show it.

Best of luck and let us know how everything goes!!!

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I am so excited I cry at any little thing, it has been a stressful week around my house with my sons baseball. I have been telling a lot more people what I'm doing than I planned on because they know I have been struggling and are really happy for me!

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