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Blender differences


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Note to everyone: I don't recommend putting pizza or pot pies in the blender, but to make soups that have small chunks into soups without small chunks is a reasonable thing to do...it also helps to mix in the powdered protein.

This is for the newly banded who are moving from clear liquids to non-clear liquids.

I'm 2 days into my first fill. I'm on liquids, too.

I have a Braun stick blender and a regular stand up blender. I love the stick blender -- couldn't make mashed potatoes, un-fried beans, hummus or gravy without it.

Generally I used my stick blender to make things like cream of mushroom soup more smooth. The little end piece that does the blending comes right off and goes into the dishwasher...just easier to do. It made a perfectly smooth soup that could easily be sipped by a straw. No fuss, no muss.

I used my blender today, however, and it didn't do as good of a job, even though I gave it extra time. Just an FYI.

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See, now I've had the opposite experience. I, too, have a Braun stick blender, and I find it doesn't do nearly as complete a job as my Oster blender that I bought at CostCo a couple weeks ago. I used a stick blender for my bean soup, and it was not what I'd call completely smooth, but used the Oster for the pea & ham soup, and it could not BE any smoother. Guess it really just depends on which blender you're using... I'd recommend checking out Consumer Reports or Prevention.com to see which blenders are rated highest! That's what I did, and I love my new blender! :)

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Dang. I ponied up for a Cuisinart (also at Costco) a year or so ago. I can't say I love it. :unsure: And I can't see a good reason to chuck it because I'm Jonesing for a better blender B)

Glad to know we have options.

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Hi everyone!

We use our magic bullet for everything. I haven't gotten my blender out in months so this should make our future easier. We get banded on the 4th so we're getting excited but the bullet purifies in 5 seconds! I'm sure it will do great with the soups we're hearing about. ;)

We love it!

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