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Worried I messed something up

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Hi guys,

I was banded on 7/25 and have been feeling pretty good. Yesterday at the movies (in a very low chair) I reached over to get something out of my purse and felt a huge stabbing pain where my big incision is located. After I did it, it occured to me the movement because of the low chair and my having to bend so far forward was sort of like an exercise crunch which I know we are not supposed to do for 3 months. I had more pain last night and today if I lean forward at all to get toilet paper or whatever it hurts. I'm not in constant pain or anything.

Do you think I could have messed my band up??? I have been trying to be so very careful, I don't want to goof myself up.


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You most likely just pulled the muscle in the area of the port a little bit. You are still in such an early healing phase that there is alot of swelling and inflammation. So it's like you already had a bruised area and you just hit it again, sort of. Your body is healing and it's so early you most likely did not damage. It should settle down in a day or two. Perhaps an ice pack up to 48 hours and then a heating pad to settle it down a bit.

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