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Should I wait?

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Hi All

My situation is that I live in the middle east and am just about to move from one country to another within the middle east to start a new job.

I am 100% sure about wanting lapband and have a tentative appointment to have the procedure. Here is the problem:

  • The procudeure can be done on the 17th Aug
  • I start a new job on the 24th Aug
  • The first week of this new job will be physically easy (teacher only week) the second week will be harder (kindergarten teacher)

If I dont get the procedure done now I probably wont have another chance for another 5 months and even then I would not have any more recuperation time than I do now. The next real possibility would be a year from now, and that means another year of extra stress on my joints, unhappiness with myself etc etc etc.

Should I go ahead now with limited recoup time or would I be better to wait the year?


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I say go for it now also but I'm wondering.. will you have access to follow up in case (and that's a BIG IN CASE) something isn't right and you have to go back to the Dr.? what about fills etc?? Are you getting your lapband at the OCC? I don't discourage anyone from doing it, it's the best thing I've ever done, but I'm wondering since you will be in the middle east about your follow up routine :) ?

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