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First Fill Tomorrow!!!!

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Hello everyone. I have my first fill tomorrow. I am excited and nervous. I pray for good restriction, because I can eat more than a third of my food. I had my surgery July 7 and have lost only 12lbs. Will I be in trouble for not losing more weight?

This forum has been so helpful. Things that I struggle with, I see that I am not alone. I just read and if I have any concerns or questions they are usually answered. You all are so awesome!!! ><'

Thanks for being so supportive. It is truly a blessing to see so many people who are genuine and always ready to help. Please keep my in your prayers as I travel. B)



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No you won't get in trouble for not losing weight. My surgeon told me not to expect weight loss between surgery and my first fill, but on the post-op diet, I lost 20 lbs...you have done well too!! I would be very proud of that.

The weight loss begins after your first fill, you eat according to the plan and count the calories, protein grams, fiber and fat and exercise. You will do just fine!

Good luck tommorrow!!! It's painless.

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