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Soooo Excited British Women's Mag.

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Hi Everyone,

Just letting everyone know that a British Journalist contacted us and already did an interview with Cassie and I. The photographer will be out Friday afternoon.

The interview went very well. He was very pleasant and he saw the Oprah Show. He said he also interviewed the girl that had Lipo to have her weight reduced. So it will be very interesting to see her interview as well. Paul (the jounalist) said he would send some copies of the magazine and we will put them on MYSPACE so everyone can see the pics and the story.

Oh by the way, I get to do my own hair so I know I will look better then what I did on TV. LOL.....

Love You All,

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Hi Jenn

Which magazine is it?


The journalist said it is called Womens Magazine. Have you heard of it?

Thanks Jenn

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