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The food diary

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It took six weeks to watch the calorie intake to be between 1100 - 1300 every day. On occasion it would spike to 1800, but still....that didn't explain why the scale hasn't moved in two months. 60 - 90 grams of lean protein, good carbs...sheesh! My clothes fit exactly the same. All I could say is "something isn't right".

I got a 2nd fill -- and this one does provide restriction. I e-mailed Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Miranda. Dr. Miranda sent the diet I'd asked for and suggested I go to my endocrinologist.

I don't have one. After calling a dozen, none of whom would take me for a general consult to find out what is out of whack, I scheduled with a GP for a referral, even though my insurance doesn't require one.

I took the printout of the food diary with me. I told her (the GP) I'd gotten a lap band, was eating correctly and nothing was happening.

The GP looked at the summary sheet with 6 weeks worth of caloric intake, glanced at the daily breakdown sheets behind it and said, "Wow, something isn't right." She ordered blood tests and the endocrinologist referral.

The food diary told me everything I needed to know in black and white. I think I'd still be struggling with the "whys" without it. Something is out of whack. Whatever it is, I want it taken care of.

It was also the first visit with a GP where they didn't try to tell me to eat better, exercise more, whatever. The food diary was -- finally -- the evidence that they needed that I was doing it right. They never believe you otherwise.

For those of you who are also stuck without a reason, if you aren't already using an online food diary (I use thedailyplate.com but there are lots of good ones out there), please start. They're so very helpful.


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Do you find a food diary helps you lose weight faster?

I haven't been counting calories at all since surgery. I eat the portion size recommended and mostly protein and veggies. I do snack from time to time, all snacks are either 50 or 100 calories.

I counted calories on Weight Watchers and really didn't want to have to do that again. So far portion control is working.

Can you recommend an easy to use, on-line food diary?

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