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Feeling Bad...........

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:help: :help:

Any suggestions would be helpful!

Wondering if anyone else has had anything similar.

Have not had a fill since June 13th, but still have restriction.

It seems like everytime I try and eat, I end up PBing and get terrible pain around

the rib section all around my back, to the point where even my bra becomes painful.

Can't find a pattern to these episodes, but becoming a real bummer.

This morning I had some whole grain cereal, did fine.

For lunch I had a small piece of leftover steak.....was unable to eat or drink the rest of

the day. Waited until around 7PM, forced myself to PB, then was able to slowly have a protien drink.

I emailed Dr Miranda tonight will see what she recommends tomorrow.


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Wow, that's along time to have food stuck!! Not to be gross or anything, but when you PB'd, did you bring up the steak from lunch??

I find I'm having alot of trouble with steak, dry chicken and just about anything re-heated. I've been learning the hard way that I probably should just stay away from that stuff.

Please let us know what Dr. Miranda has to say and hope you feel better soon. ;)

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I read on here some time ago that someone had to give up steak because they just couldn't chew it enough not to get stuck. I remember because I absolutely love steak (we grow our own) and I hope that doesn't happen to me.

I hope you do better really soon. Let us know what Dr. Miranda says.


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Thanks all,

Dr Miranda sad to go on liquids for now, she was going to talk to Dr Martinez and get back to me.

When I PB'd the steak did not come up, just saliva. I did my ice cream trick and felt better, but that is not

a very good solution. I do need to be able to eat. She thinks I will need a Barium Swallow, if so I will

go to OCC, I dislike the Fill Center doctor in SLC.


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Going to OCC tomorrow.

Decided not to wait any longer, as I have not been really great

since my last fill at Fill Center USA in SLC. Have had too many off days

of not really eating very much, having to supplement with protein drink.

Good thing is my very dear friend goes tomorrow to become a 'Bandster'.

Can keep her and her hubby company and get myself fixed as well.


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Hello Arlene,

I was the one that posted about having horrible PB or stuck episodes on Tri-Tip steak a while back. You have to remember that steak is very fibrous and cannot be broken down my your teeth most of the time. Even though you might have felt that you chew chew chewed, you will just find this ball of meat in your mouth, and nothing really broken up. Once you swallow, the fibrous food cannot be broken up by your stomach acids because you have a band right above your stomach, right? Therefore it sits there.

Now, I had this problem with fresh cooked meat. You are eating leftovers! Cold meat hardens, which will cause more difficulty chewing and breaking down. For me, I am only able to eat ground meat. I am too scared to touch another type of cut in fear I'll PB again from it.

For all of you who say you can't eat leftover chicken...heres a trick! When you microwave the chicken, put a damp papertowel over it. It will pull the water from the towel to assist with cooking the chicken again and not cause it to dry out.



Hello Evette,

I haven't had the band surgery yet but I'm close to calling the office. I'm trying to gather as much info before making my decision to move forward with the surgery. That being said, congrats on your wt loss. I thought I'd reply since I'd like to know what foods I will most likely have to stay away from after post-op. Other than steak, what other foods do you no longer touch? It's good to know your body tolerates ground beef. I also noticed that you have had 3 fills and that you live in San Diego. I live in Michigan. I think I'll choose to fly out to the OCC for my fills instead of looking for a doctor near me How much do the fills run?. I'm wondering when do you know you need a fill? Does your body stop losing wt or do ppl need fills when perhaps their band is too tight and not enough food stays down? I ask because I'm trying to decide how much time I should stay in Southern California after the surgery just in case I need to visit the OCC soon after the surgery. I'm thinking 10 days. I want to lose a total of about 70 lbs. I wonder how many fills and/or adjustments I will need? any guesses?

Thanks in advance and congrats on your success.


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