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60 lbs down

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I stepped on the scale this morning and 60 lbs. gone since I made the call to OCC on July 1. Surgery was on Aug. 14, and I had lost 38 by then, so 22 lbs gone since the surgery date. Everyone wants to know if I feel any different and I usually tell them "Hell no, just hungrier", but yesterday, I had to carry a 50 lb. bag of concrete mix on my shoulder, and I thought, man I used to weigh more than this, so I guess I do feel different. It sure is nice to be able to log in here and see that there is a lot of positive encouragement out there, whether someone is losing or just trying.

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That's wicked!! How on earth did you do that!!!

Please share your secret!!

Awesome!!!!!!! ;):D

It helps if you are really fat to start out with!! By the end of the week, I intend to be under 300 lbs. Haven't been there in quite a few years. I weighed 363 on July 1 and 303 this morning. I am back on real food again, but decided to keep eating the Lean Cuisines. I feel like it is the only way I will maintain any portion control until I get my first fill on Sept. 25. I really like them also. I have a scrambled egg when I get up at 4:30 and some oatmeal at work at 9, then a Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice for lunch and the same for dinner. We have been walking much more and my wife has also lost around 15-20lbs. I never thought I would lose 60lbs in 70 days and I'm sure it will slow down soon, but it has been easier than I expected.

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:lb10: and keep up the great work. I'll be at the Lucerna 9/26-9/27 for my 2nd fill. I'll be the fat one eating soup at the Italian restaurant by the pool...had it last time and it was delicious, it's not clear liquids though and has chunks but after the second fill that's ok. Hope to meet you and swap stories

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