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Band Erosion

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The day I was banded there was a lady who had come in because her dog had jumped on her and she thought he had hurt her port.

She actually had band erosion and had to have it taken it out. She had lost 90lbs and said if she needed to she would have another band

put back in after the 1 year of recovery.

This isn't something you can prevent and only happens in a handful of cases.

Don't worry.

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I was curious about band erosion and I read quite a few articles that gave the potential causes of band erosion and none of them mentioned taking Advil as a cause. They all talked about the erosion happening on the outside of the stomach.

I finally found one place, a Mexican doctor, that listed "events that happen inside the stomach" as a potential cause. Apparently things which irritate the stomach and can cause ulcers can cause erosion. That's where taking Advil, aspirin even spicy food can cause erosion.

Here's the link - http://arturorodriguezmd.com/lap-band-proc...ap-band-erosion

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