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Dr. Appt Today

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I had a physical today, saw my Primary Care for the first time since last November. He knew I was going for the Lapband just didn't know when. I got my blood work up done about 2 weeks ago and the nurse called for to set the appointment. When I got there today I waited in the waiting room, the nurse came out and called my name. I got up and all she said is "Is that really you Bobbi". Made my day. I got to the scale which has always been my enemy, stepped on and Oh my goodness another 5 pound lost since my last time on the scale. The Dr came into the room and was very surprised too. All in all I had a real good talk with him about the lapband, and my goals for the future. My blood work came back excellent. No more insuline for the diabetes, no more meds for the hypertension and no more meds for the asthma. I feel like a new person and have such a better out look on life today thanks to my lapband. Before I get off for the night just one added jabbed that made my day.

I wear a lab coat at work, mine was a 4X, but you know what it has just been getting larger and larger (oh wait a minute maybe I am getting smaller), anyway I asked my boss if I could try her coat on (hers is a size 2X), she said go ahead and guess what hers was even to large. I asked my manager to please order me up some smaller coats. I just had a great day all around and wanted to share it with everyone else. :D

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