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Question for all you nurses out there

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I have not thought of this since I was in Mexico but thought i would bring it up now. Dr O told my mom that he saw a baseball size cyst behind my stomach. Are these things common? What is the difference between a cyst and a tumor? Obviously, I am not too worried about it or I am just sick of going to doctors and having needles and scalples coming in my direction. Anyway, Is this something I should be concerned with. As far as I can tell, I would have never found out about it if I did not have a surgery and probably would have died 80 years from now still not knowing about it. Your thoughts?

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since dr O was the one that mentioned it, i'd call and ask to speak to him and get his medical advise as to whether or not you should see a local doctor or not.

i wouldn't ignore it since you are thinking about it you might as well get some medical advice from dr O. my two cents :D

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I would call Tijuana and get the report of your surgery. Specifically make sure the cyst is mentioned in the surgical notes. As soon as it is on the way, schedule with your doctor - take the notes in to him and let him investigate it.

My mom was a nurse all of her life, retiring as a chief of nursing services... her motto was "Better to check it and be sure it's okay than to regret NOT checking it". There is security and peace of mind with that logic.

Also it is wise because your doctor at home now has a record of it in case its needed sometime in the future. Good luck with it...

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