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50 pounds!!!!!

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177005-1.jpg Sorry about the multiple posts my dog jumped up on me and hit submit and I can't figure out how to delete the other posts.

Ok I just wanted to share my wonderful news. This morning I go up and did my norm, go to the bathroom, get naked, then weigh. Hey I don't want any extra weight on me. :o Anyways, I got on the scale and I couldn't believe my eyes... it said 175. That made my weight loss since surgery 50 pounds. I haven't been this happy in a long time.

I went to a beauty clinic (where they do make-up, botox, lipo-dissolve, etc..) yesterday. I hadn't been since August. When I walked in I saw the girl who always had helped me before, I said hi and she gave me this funny look and said hi back. A few minutes later she came around the corner and sat down beside me and was like "Holy Shit, Coach Flan you lost a ton of weight. She took my pics again and printed off the before and now pics, and they took my measurements. It was awesome. Here are my measurements...

2" above belly button 42 1/2 to 33 1/2

belly button 49 to 41

2" under belly button 51 to 42

4" under belly button 52 1/2 to 42

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Wow...that is absolutely fantastic! You should be very proud! I am cracking up they didn't recognize you that is awesome!!

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Thanks for the compliments...

I really don't have a good answer as for what I have been doing to lose the weight. I have a REALLY aggressive fill doctor. My first fill he gave me 2cc and I lost 20 pounds. When I went back for my second fill he said that he was very impressed with my weightloss and said my second fill he was going to hit a homerun, he put in another 2cc. I am three months out from my second fill and I still have tons of restriction. I always eat my protein first and my new snack is peanuts (tons of protein). My students have even noticed that I will snack of peanuts so a couple of them have brought me cans of them.. On Friday's they know if they are quiet the will get some peanuts at the end of the hour. Other than that I really haven't done anything. I am starting today working out with one of my softball players. She is an office aide 6th hour so instead of her sleeping for the hour, she and I are going to start working out before softball practice. Once you figure out how to eat again, which takes a long time getting use to, the weight will start coming off. It is very important that you eat though and don't starve yourself.

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Thanks for sharing this with us. I love the part where the 'kids' are part of your success too and the interaction you have with them. You are influencing good snacking with them too. And you have a good rapport with your fill dr. I had my surgery 3 weeks ago and this is valuable info for me. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...you are doing FANTASTIC. Continue to keep us posted on your progress...

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