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Mucus Buildup

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Hi all,

It's been less than 7 months since my surgery and I am down 63 pounds. You'd think after all this time, I'd have figured this out, but I don't have a clue and would love some input. On previous posts, I have seen mention of "sliming." I believe this refers to the buildup of saliva and mucus that is often coughed up. I have had multiple problems with feeling overly full and regurgitating. Most of it is this mucus stuff and only part of it is actual food. I can't figure out why there is so much of this "slime." Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks all,


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Hi Meg,

First of all, congrats! You are doing awesome!!! I know what you mean about figuring stuff out! I'm in over 2 years now and I still learn stuff all the time about the band and my body.

My first thought is to call the docs and see what they say. Are you perhaps eating too much? I haven't experienced this. The only sliming I've done is if I am stuck with food, and I swallow a lot of saliva. Good luck! I am sure everything is fine, just have them check maybe to be safe??


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Okay, I know this sounds gross. But I am glad you brought up the mucus issue. Mine is a little different and it has only happened since I have had surgery, December 15. I wake up in the morning with mucus in my mouth. It is so gross. I won't go into details. The only way I help my issue is to suck on a sugar-free cough drop. Do any of you have this problem? Anne :mellow:

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I have had the slime issue since I receive what looks like my final fill. I have had it for 10 months now. I have extreme restriction in the morning and even water hurts - and even water sometimes produces the slime.

Have you ever tried to transfer hand cream from one bottle to another and had to "burp" a bubble of the gooey stuff to get any more in? Well I think this is what is happening for me. One thing that I have found that works but seems crazy is if I eat something with sharp edges that is dense/heavy and doesn't expand. The only thing I've found so far is corn based products like fritos or tostado chips. I really wish I could think of a healthier item that would do the same thing - break through the slime bubble. Once the bubble is broken then I can get a hot liquid to wash away the rest but if I don't get through that early morning goo I even sometimes PB hot tea and that is no fun LOL

I had my surgery 15 months ago in Tijuana and am within 14 pounds of my goal weight. It has changed my life and I would do it again tomorrow but without the folks on this forum it would have been so much harder.

If anyone can think of a healthy alternative to my "bubble breaking" food issue please write back.


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I had mucus back up and had to get a slight unfill, I called it more a phelgm issue but it seems to have gotten better since I got the slight unfill, are you sure you are not too tight?

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