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6 month bandiversary

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Last weekend made 6 monthes since my banding. 6 monthes ago I was 370 lbs and my dr. told me that he would really like to see me down around 250 and more active. This morning I was 253 and very active. I haven't reached my goal yet, because I don't have one. I just wanted to be much healtier, so then again, maybe I have met my goal, but I keep setting new ones. I wore one of my old belts today, just to show how many inches I have lost. There is now 17 inches of belt hanging past the buckle where I used to use the last hole. A few more inches and I think I will be able to make my wife a belt out of what is left over. I have bought new jeans 3 times since being banded and it is time to buy some more. This band is costing me money, but I'll gladly spend it.

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You are doing such an amazing job! Happy bandiversary and here is to continued success!

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