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  1. Hi Newleaf, we don't generally give 3 weeks off after surgery since most can return to work about a week after surgery. But if you have a job that requires lifting or strenuous activiies and your job can't be modified, then our doctors can evaluate for more time off. We fill out FMLA paperwork all the time. Once you've booked your surgery and paid your $500 deposit to hold your date, then you can send us your FMLA paperwork! For more information email coordinators@obesitycontrolcenter.com
  2. LoriBecky

    Fat Brain.... does it ever end?

    If you were to meet me, not having known me in my past... you would probably never guess that I used to be a fat girl. People are always surprised when I tell them, or when they see a picture of me pre 2006. People who have known me a long time do forget how much space I used to take up in a room! I showed my mom my "before" picture from the OCC Facebook page... and she said "that's not you!" she couldn't believe it because her mind has made that switch... this is Lori... this is the space she fills in a room... this is what she looks like. And I think that's true for most people in my life. Why is it so hard for me? So... that leaves the question of "why do i still see myself as fat". I know what size clothes I wear. I see what the scale says. So why can't I just accept it and realize this is my new normal.... I'm not sure if it is because I was in denial for so long about what my weight was doing to me and my health. Is it because I was in denial that I really was that big... so maybe I'm in denial about my size now? Or is it because I still don't feel "good enough" whatever that means. Or is it because I'm afraid that I will fail at this so I don't want to get too comfortable in my weight/size now? I think it takes longer for our brain to wrap our heads around this concept. To truly accept ourselves - whatever that means. That the goal is HEALTH... and whatever else comes from that... a smaller size, more energy, more mobility... THAT is the prize... that is the change we need to wrap our heads around and fill our brain with. I'm not thin Lori, I'm not fat Lori... I am Lori... and I am good enough... so take that "Fat brain"... as always... if you have questions or are interested in weight loss surgery please call 1-866-376-7849 ext. 1 to speak with any of our spectacular Patient Coordinators or email coordinators@obesitycontrolcenter.com you can always get in touch with me at lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com
  3. Its been a long time since I posted. We are so active over on Facebook these days where interaction occurs immediately, that blogs just aren't what they used to be... But I intend to start posting here more, because the information is easy to find and more permanent, so I want to start updating here more. I get a lot of private messages from people asking how i've done with my sleeve, how i've REALLY done long term... i think so many things have failed for us over the years, that we are afraid to believe that this could really work and be long lasting. I had an appointment yesterday with my doctor, and I was cold so I had on jeans, tank, shirt, sweater, scarf, and heavy socks and boots... so i was seriously winter dressed(don't we all usually wear "lightweight clothes" when we know we are going to get weighed lol)... weight on scale fully clothed was 147.1. I'm 5'7, the jeans I was wearing were a 6 (i go between 4 & 6 and an occasional 8 depending on brand and how i want it to fit. I had my sleeve surgery 4/12/2012 so i'm almost 6 years out (my original band surgery was 6/2006 you'll find more info on that in my blog) . I did go under 140 for a short time (naked weight) after my surgery, but it was too skinny for me (and way too skinny for my hubby!) - i'm really happy mid-140's and haven't had trouble maintaining this. So it really DOES work... you have to work it too... but when I say I love my sleeve, I really do love my sleeve! If you want more information please visit our website www.obesitycontrolcenter.com or our Facebook page (check out the video section!) https://www.facebook.com/OCCMedicalCenter/ or call our toll free # 1-866-376-7849 ext. 1 to speak with one of our Patient Coordinators.
  4. Mexico has required FMM forms for traveling to Mexico by air for a long time, technically it was required for land travel into Mexico but was not being enforced. Lately the Mexican government has been enforcing this rule. When traveling to OCC for any reason, please make sure you have your Passport or Passport Card, plus have a stamped copy of the FMM form with you - you'll need to stop at customs coming into Mexico to have this stamped even if you are driving yourself, or walking across the border. The OCC Driver always stops at Customs and patients go through customs, but make sure you ask the Customs Officer to stamp your FMM form. Often they will try to waive you through, but ask them to please stamp your FMM form. You will not be admitted into the hospital without it (the law states we have to check for it now!). If an official asks to see your stamped FMM form you must produce it. You can pre-fill out this FMM form online and print it as long as your passport is valid for more then 6 months after your planned travel dates, and as long as you are traveling within 30 days of completing the form. If your passport expires within 6 months you can't fill it out online and will have to complete it at the Customs Office. This is a requirement for anyone traveling with you as well. If you have any questions about the required documentation please call our concierge at 1-866-376-7849 ext. 80. Here is the link to the FMM Form online - use the option for Land Travel: https://www.inm.gob.mx/fmme/publico/en/solicitud.html#
  5. LoriBecky

    Post Op care after leaving Mexico?

    We have a 5 year follow up program that includes phone calls from our team, follow up emails. A 24/7 doctor line that you can call or have your physician call with any questions. Most primary care physicians in the US are happy to do the follow up care you'll need which is really just annual physicals and blood work ups. If any of your follow up's with us suggest you need some testing done, we will let you know what that is and you can ask your US doctor to order it or return to us. I have been sleeved for over 4 years now and have never had any testing done that my insurance didn't cover.
  6. We recommend that all OCC patients come back to OCC for their band adjustments, but we know that isn't always possible, so the list below of "fill providers" is for informational purposes only - this is not a recommendation or referral: This is not a recommendation, only a resource, we recommend you return to us for your band adjustments, especially the first adjustment. Our adjustment pricing at our facility, for a band adjustment under fluoroscopy is as follows: (cash pricing) $100 for adjustment $200 for adjustment and transportation across the border to and from our facility $280 for adjustment, transportation and hotel To speak with our after care doctor please call 1-866-376-7849 ext. 5 To schedule a band adjustment, evaluation or fluoroscopy call 1-866-376-7849 ext. 2 or email receptionist@obesitycontrolcenter.com Fill provider list – please check current availability - this is not a recommendation or referral from Dr. Ortiz or myself - just a resource should you choose to use one- please do your own research! Prices subject to change. If you need a copy of your surgery report please email support@obesitycontrolcenter.com Fill Centers USA (No longer in business) but their list is available at Bariatric Pal: http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/133358-lap-band-fill-providers-list/ ALABAMA - Huntsville - Dr. Ravindra Mailapur - 256-265-1890 needs surgery report, $200 first office visit, $250 fill ALABAMA - Birmingham - Dr. Andrew Dewitt - www.birminghambariatrics.com 2401 15th Ave. N, suite 140 - 205-502-4400 $100 fills, needs surgery report, fluoro if necessary ALABAMA - Birmingham - Dr. Jay Long, M.D. 800-953-3013 $250 consultation & fill, subsequent fills $150, need surgery report ALABAMA - Birmingham - Dr. John Matthews 205-780-7150 $ 100 needs surgical report ALABAMA - Anniston - Dr. Bryan Freeman 256-236-1300 - needs surgical report - $100 (xray available if needed) ALASKA - Dr. Harold Cable - Anchorage - 4003 Lake Otis Pkwy #101 -voice (907)550-6178 Fee - $331 with fluoro, $100 w/o fluoroscope voice (907) 563-3493 fax (907) 550-6178 4003 Lake Otis Pkwy #101 ALASKA - F. Leland Jones 907-279-8486 Medical Park Family Care 2211 E. Northern Lts. Blvd. #101, Anchorage, AK ALASKA - Soldotna Dr. Lavern Davidhizar - 907-262-7566, 206 Rockwell, Soldotna, 99669 Fluoro?: only if necessary Must provide all medical records upon visit ALASKA - Klawock - Mel Bingham, PA - Alicia Roberts Medical Center,7300 Klawock-Hollis Highway Klawock, AK 99925 - 907-755-4800 phone, 907-755-4908 fax ALASKA - Anchorage - Loretta Woods 907-373-5940 or Wasila 907-279-8486 West Valley Medical Campus, Wasilla, AK ALASKA - Fairbanks- Radiology Associates Must be referred by a Doctor - they must make the appt. for you. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital ARKANSAS - Dr. Rex Luttrell - (just moved to Jacksonville) 501-978-4343 ARKANSAS - Dr. Clay Wellborn - Little Rock - 501-663-9600 Ext. 110 - ask for Jamie ARIZONA - Dr. Terry Simpson 602-234-7546 W. Maryland, Suite A, Phoenix, AZ 85015 www.doctorsimpson.com ARIZONA - Snowflake Women's Clinic 928-536-5377 Wendy Hall 261 S. Main St., Snowflake, AZ 85937 ARIZONA - Show Low/ Dr. Jones Cavanaugh 928-537-6554 ask for Lisa Navapache Regional Medical Center, 2200 Show Low Lake Road, Show Low, AZ 85901 ARIZONA - Scotsdale - Randy Hamilton, FNP-BC azfnprn@hotmail.com $100 per fill Offers home fills, used to work for major bariatric practice ARIZONA - Dr. Pond - Phoenix - Merryville Hosptial - 623-848-5285 ARIZONA - Northern AZ, Flagstaff - Dr. Robert Berger, MD $225 with fluoro 928-773-2222 ARIZONA - Glendale area -Shelli - good for emergencies, too $100 602-980-3285 CALIFORNIA - Salinas & near Carmel - Dr. Desanti, his phone # (831) 755-4111, his P/A (Juliette) does the fills- $35.00 for the consult $100 for fill - Natividad Medical Center, 1441 Constitution Blvd., 2nd Floor (Speciality clinic), Salinas, CA CALIFORNIA - Santa Barbara - David S. Thoman, M.D.,F.A.C.S.-520 West Junipero Street, 93105 805-730-1470 Fax: 805-730-1473 CALIFORNIA - Los Alamitos - Dr. Denise Joseph-Brown, 5122 Katella Ave. Ste. 220. 90720 562-430-2103 $150.00 w/o flouro. Additional fee for first time visit. CALIFORNIA - San Pedro - Milt Owens, 1094 West 7th St. 90731 - 310-833-4448 Fluoro?; NO $250.00 initial, $200.00 following CALIFORNIA - Santa Rosa - Dr. Robert Woodbury - Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center - 707-577-7800, consult $300, fill $125-150, need surgical report CALIFORNIA - Monterrey - Dr. Vierra, (831) 649-0808 $300 - 2 Upper Ragsdale, Ste A, Monterey, CA 93940 CALIFORNIA - (Ventura) & an office in Truckee (Near Reno, NV)/ Dr. Helmuth Billy / Ventura Office: 805-676-9100 and Truckee Office: 775-588-4300 Address in Truckee (about 30 min.from Reno NV) 10956 Donner Pass Rd, Suite 310 Truckee CA...96161...Ventura CA office: 124 N. Brent St. Ventura, CA 93003 CALIFORNIA - Fresno - Advanced Laparscopic Surgery Associates, 6121 N Thesta, Suite # 303 Fresno, Ca. 93710 559) 261-4500 email: KGarcia@santehealth.net, website: http://www.alsamg.com/ $385 includes fill and office visit. CALIFORNIA - San Francisco/Fairfield area - Dr. Husted 415-722-4182 CALIFORNIA - Red Bluff - Dr. Barrows - 866-345-5872 $299 first fill, $165 therafter, fluro avail CALIFORNIA - Novato Gail Altschuler, MD - 400 Professional Center Drive, Novato, CA 94947; 415-897-9800 - marinweightloss.com, facebook.com/marinweightloss CALIFORNIA - Dr. Paul Cirangle - San Franciso/Marin County - 415-561-1310 CALIFORNIA - Dr. Robert V. Mc Keen 408-402-9911 2505 Samaritan Dr. Suite 600, San Jose, CA 95124 CALIFORNIA - San Pedro (near Long Beach)/ Dr. Owens 310-833-4448 Speak to Carmen or Val Call to find out CALIFORNIA - Glendale & Cedars Sinai - Dr. David Davtyan - $350 (non xray) Glendale - 818-546-1500 , Cedars Sinai (LA) - 310-652-1777 COLORADO - Canon City - Dr. Timothy Brown - 866-333-band COLORADO - Denver/ Aurora area/ Dr. Gerald Kiershenbaum 303-695-1304 COLORADO - Denver area, Inglewood -Dr. Richard Tillquist 303-789-1877 $150.00 initial, $ 100.00 following COLORADO- El Paso area -Dr. Snow & Dr. Brown 719-275-4061 COLORADO - Denver,- Dr. Robert Allen 720-941-7000 -210 University, Suite #77, Denver, CO 80206 COLORADO - Greeley - Dr. Michael Johnell - 970-350-2426 CONNECTICUT - Middletown Dr. Johnathan Aranow (860) 347-9167 $300 needs surgery report CONNECTICUT - Fairfield County Bariatrics Norwalk: 203-852-2600 Bridgeport: 203-576-5539 203-576-5539 Call for details CONNECTICUT - New Haven - Dr. Kurt Roberts - 203-764-9060 203-764-9060 203-764-9060 203-764-9060 contact Maureen - need surgery report $200 CONNECTICUT - Hartford - Dr. Carlos Barba - 860-714-5237 CONNETICUT - Hartford - Dr. Ellner -Bariatric Center at Saint Francis - 860-714-7128 100 Asylum Ave, Suite 3222, Hartford, CT 06105 CONNECTICUT - Norwalk/Bridgeport - Dr. Timothy Ehrlich & Neil Floch - 203-899-0744 DELAWARE - Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery (group of doctors) - Newark - ask for Mike Clancy - 302-892-9900 - need surgery report & records, Annual fee of $300 for unlimited fills, each office visit $50, floro available/additional fee FLORIDA - Dr. Dombrowski - Sebastian, FL -772-581-8003 -ask for Rebecca his nurse - 250.00 consult - 100.00 reg fill at his office - 150.00 Floro fill at the hospital FLORIDA - Pensacola/Dr. Jeffrey Lord 850-416-1628 Fax -850-416-1515 - Sacred Heart Hospital, 5151 N. 9th Ave, Pensacola, FL 32584 FLORIDA - Duval - Volusia - Jacksonville area/ Dr. Abbas Shariat 904-246-9464 FLORIDA - Tampa area/Tiffany Jesse 727-584-7666 2039 Indian Rocks Rd., Largo, FL33774 http://www.shedthepounds.com FLORIDA - Tampa - Dr. Murr, 2 Columbia Dr. Ste. F145, 33606 813-844-7473 $250.00 for fills - Bring surgical report Florida - St. Petersburg Millennium Medical Kathy Gonzales - NP (formerly with Fill Centers) 727-541-2675 krenterprises@msn.com 5088 66th Street N., St. Petersburg, FL 33709 fax 727-541-3956 Initial patient visit=$349 All follow-up adjustments=$165Barium swallow/Band study=$75 FLORIDA - Dr. Thomas Bass, M.D. - offices in Hollywood, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers & Naples - 800-652-5240 FLORIDA - Port Charlotte,-Sandy Anderson, RN/ BSN 941-206-2111 - Surgical Obesity Solutions 3161 Harbor Blvd, Suite D, Port Charlotte, FL 33952 FLORIDA -Dr. Wiljon Beltre, M.D. - Orlando area 407-830-6868 $500 for first office visit, includes fill, $100 fills thereafter (non xray)can order xray if necessary. $50 office visits (no fill) FLORIDA - Margate - Dr. Paul Wizman - 954-969-1355 954-969-1355 FLORIDA - Miami -Dr. Michael Choi - 305-821-3795 FLORIDA - Celebration -Dr. Keith Kim - 407-303-4504 FLORIDA - Ormond Beach -Dr. Stephen Levine, East Coast Bariatrics 386-676-6171 FLORIDA - Jacksonville - Dr. Herrera - St. Vincent's Hospital - 904-389-8871 FLORIDA - Ft. Lauderdale -Dr. Michael Perez (U.S. Bariatric (http://www.usbariatric.com/)) 800.592.7546 4800 NE 20th Terrace, Suite 303, Ft. Lauderdale, $440 for first visit & then $150 FLORIDA - Miami/Dr. Alejandro Hernandez-Cano & Dr. Ponbo 305-446-3636 West 3rd Street, Hialeah, FL 33010 FLORIDA - Miami/Dr. Juan Fleites 305-856-3212 3661 South Miami Ave., Ste # 205, Miami, FL 33133 FLORIDA - Miami/Dr. Lourdes Pelaez 305-670-4134 or 305-670-0311 Call for current price. 7400 N. Kendall Dr., Ste # 403, Miami, FL 33156 FLORIDA - Coral Gables/ Dr. Eddie Gomez & Dr. Moises Jacobs 305-669-2388 Laparoscopic Center of So.Florida 1150 Campo Sano Ave. Ste # 300, Coral Gables, FL 33146 (in Miami) FLORIDA - Weston/ Dr. Raul Rosenthal & Dr. Samual Szomstein 954-659-5228 or 954-659-5239 Cleveland Clinic 2950 Cleveland Clinic Blvd, Weston, FL 33331 (near Davie, FL) FLORIDA - Atlantis area/Dr. Kenneth A. Larson 561-439-1500 Near JFK Hospital 142 JFK Dr., Atlantis, FL 33462 (in Palm Beach County, near Boynton Beach) INAMED bands only. FLORIDA - St. Augustine & Orlando - Dr. Robert Marema & Dr. Koppman - US Bariatric - 904-819-5861- only accepts patients who are 1 year or more post surgery/need surgery report/will need to go thru their 3 hour education program (fee $600) - fills are $150 without fluro, add another $150 with fluro FLORIDA - Tallahassee/Dr. Jeffrey Crooms 850-877-6212 1405 Centerville Rd., Ste #4400, Tallahassee, FL 32308 GEORGIA - Alpharetta - Drs. Michael Williams & Dr. Kahn - 770-500-3660-need surgery report - first visit for consultation & fill is $305, after that fill is $200 (non xray) GEORGIA - Augusta - Drs. Blaney & Chassen - 706-481-7298 need surgical report faxed to 706-481-7971, required to go to seminar - fill fee is @ $200, but can vary/contact person is Tosca GEORGIA - Dalton (nearAtlanta) -Jaimie Ponce 866-552-7546 (Expensive) GEORGIA - Woodstock - Dr. Rick Finley - 404-688-1934 Please call. (Expensive) GEORGIA - Atlanta - Dr. Titus Duncan, Peachtree Surgical & Bariatrics 404-881-8020 GEORGIA - Atlanta - Dr. Champion & Dr. Michael Williams - 770-500-3660 (Expensive) GEORGIA - Atlanta - Dr. Stephen Davis - Emory Crawford Long Hospital 404-778-5673 or 404-686-8143 option 5 $250, nutritionist $150 GEORGIA - Atlanta - Woodstock- Dr. Barry McKernan - 770-924-8808 (Expensive) HAWAII - Kailua- Castle Medical Center - Dr. Fowler- 808-263-5500 640 Ulukahiki St., Kailua, HI 96734 808-263-5176 scheduling -Fluoro?; If necessary-$ 250.00 per fill-Bring surgical report HAWAII -Honolulu, Kailua, Kahului, Hilo - Dr. Paul Cirangle 800-584-3027 needs upper GI, fee $450 IDAHO - Clearwater Medical Clinic - Joan Richardson, NP - 208-743-8416 IDAHO - Cynthia Culp 208-938-5680 or 208-283-8740 cell IDAHO - Boise - Dr. Luke Mayes - 5975 Overland Road, Boise, ID 83706 - 208-375-9000 fax 208-375-9032 - Attn: June www.drlukemayes.com first visit $75 patient set-up, fill is $150 ( $225 first visit, $150 after that). can refer for fluoro if necessary. The doctor and the nurse both are banded. IDAHO -Pocatello- Cyndi Rice RNC, NP office phone 208-233-9355 message machine after hours. Open M-TH 8:30-5:30 Fr 8:30-1:00 IDAHO - Post Falls - Dr. John Pennings -Surgical Bariatrics Northwest -208-262-0945 Initial visit $750 (includes fluoro fill) and $300 each visit after. ILLINOIS - Joliet - Drs. Christopher Joyce & Brian Lahmann - 815-723-8571- need op report to review consultation fee $300, fill with fluro $175, after first one, fill w/fluro is $275. ILLINOIS - Merrillville - Dr. Stanish - Methodist Hosp. Restart Center - 219-756-4900 - needs op report/Allergan Lapband only - call for fees. ILLINOIS - Dr. Brad Watkins, his office is located at Synchrony Health, Oakbrook surgical center, 2425-W 22nd ST, Suite 200, Oakbrook IL, 60523. Coordinator is Melody and he's accepting patients that have been banded outside of the country. She said he's trained and qualified to do blind fills. His current rate to do a blind fill is $595 first appointment including fill and $95 after that. To contact Dr. Watkins, call (630) 990-2440 ILLINOIS - Arlington Heights- Suburban Surgical Care - 866-716-5263 866-716-5263 & Elk Grove Village - 847-290-9200 - Drs. Guske, Kane, Wallace - need op report attn: Sherry ILLINOIS - Chicago - The Surgery Center - 312-440-5150 ILLINOIS - Chicago - Dr. Horgan - 312-399-5417 or 312-255-1900 ILLINOIS - Chicago area - Dr. Vafa Shayani & Dr. Sidney Rohrsheib 866-622-9222 or 708-327-2899 ILLINOIS - Dr. Joseph Vitello 312-996-2037 or cell 630-234-8214 Good Samaritan Hospital 3815 Highland Ave., Downers Grove, IL 60515 Just southwest of downtown Chicago. Email contact: vitello@uic.edu - $125 to hospital for flouroscopy $150 (cash) to doctor INDIANA - Fort Wayne - Dr. Dale Sloan - 260-435-7098 - need surgery report/must purchase their Lapband manual for $75/consultation fee includes first fill -$400, subsequent fills $225 (non xray) INDIANA - Carmel - Dr. Brenda Cacucci, Christine Gupta, David Diaz- 888-582-8403 - Carmel Surgicl Specialists/needs surgery report for review & will decide yes or no to accept patient - contact is Laurie INDIANA - Indianapolis -Steven Maurice Clark MD FACS-317-865-8000 Fax: 317-865-8012 <http://www.premierbariatric.com/html/contact.html>http://www.premierbariatric.com/html/contact.html IOWA - Souix City - Dr, Michael Wolpert - 605-232-6353 KANSAS - Megin Blex, APRN - Coffeeville -620-251-2400 $200 first visit, $150 thereafer KANSAS - Dr. Stephen Malley 913-492-2530 10640 W. 87th St., Shawnee, Mission, KS 66214 KANSAS - Wichita - Lou Miller, ARNP - 316-721-5591 316-721-5591 (associated with Dr. Nigro) KANSAS - Dr. Nigro -Sprinfield, Overland Park, Topeka -913-541-0230 KANSAS - Topeka - Dr. Bernita Bernstein & Dr. Brent Steward - 785-232-0444 KANSAS - Lexexa - Institute for Advanced Bariatric Surgery -11217 Lakeview Ave. 66219 (913) 322-7401 -$450 for first visit, $385 for every follow up KENTUCKY - Dr. Jeff Allen 502-583-8303 601 S. Floyd St., Louisville, KY 40202 KENTUCKY - Frankfort area/ Bluegrass Bariatrics 502-867-6744 http://www.bluegrassbariatrics.com KENTUCKY - Georgetown (near Lexington) another Bluegrass Bariatrics office - 866-867-6744 KENTUCKY - Edgewood & Florence - Advanced Bariatric Centers - Drs. Dwayne Smith, Carey Brown & Martin Moon - (859) 426-4741 $185 first office visit, $200 fill LOUISIANA - Baton Rouge/ Dr. Drake Bellinger 225-819-0983 or 225-819-4100 ext 4205 Holly (coordinator) 7777 Hennessey Blvd., Suite 203, Baton Rouge, LA 70808 LOUISIANA - Surgical Specialists of Louisiana Chris - Nurse Practitioner Metairie 504-934-3000 Covington 985-234-3000 ; Baton Rouge - 225-236-0132 LOUISIANA - Monroe/ Dr. Linda Bunch 318-398-0999 3510 Medical Park Dr., Monroe, LA 71203 www.lawc.biz/page/page/1175049.htm LOUISIANA - New Orleans/Kenner - Dr. Wagih Mando 504-464-8619 200 W. Esplanada, Suite 401, Kenner, LA 70065http://www.drmando.com/ (will also do sleeve follow-ups) LOUISIANA - Metarie - Dr. J. Uddo - 504-454-4441 LOUISIANA - Covington - Dr. Thomas Lavin - 985-875-2012 LOUISIANA - Calhoun (1 1/2 hours from Streveport) - Rita Zuber -318-644-2573 -Calhoun Family Care Clinic , 202 Highway 80 E, Calhoun $250 includes xray MARYLAND - Catonsville -Dr. David Von Rueden, - 410-368-3003 - $775 program fee, $250 fill, xray is available MARYLAND - Frederick, MD 21702, Dr. Susan Brinkley, MD 301-846-0300 198 Thomas Johnson Dr., Suite 200, MARYLAND - Rockville, Dr. Barry Green, 9707 Medical Center Drive #200, Rockville, MD 20850 just outside of Washington DC, will do fills on Mexican banded patients. He charges a $500.00 one-time fee. The fee is for access to Nutritional Counseling, Psychological Evaluation and Exercise Training. His support group meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday and is moderated by a professional psychologist. The cost for blind fills is $150.00 This means that the first fill is $650.00 then $150.00 there after. His website is: www.advancedwls.com MASSACHUSETTS - The Weight Management Center 978-458-1411 ext.3221 Contact person: Lisa Dutton Saints Memorial Hospital MASSACHUSETTS - Springfield - Pioneer Valley Surgical Associates -www.pvsurgical.com - Viriato M. Fiallo, 2 Medical Center Drive, Suite 404 01107 - 413-736-3163 $200 initial fill; $100 thereafter MICHIGAN -Grand Rapids - Drs. Randall Baker, Dr. Foote, Dr. Nagel & Dr. Kemmeter - Grand Health Partners - 888-691-0050, require surgery report, physical, meet with dietician, etc - for all the prelim, the fee is $210, fills are $150 (non xray) MICHIGAN - Kalamazoo - Dr. Stuart Verseman - 269-978-0610 - need to review surgical report & then decide - $200 (no xray) MICHIGAN - Ypsilanti (between Ann Arbor & Belleville) - Dr. Jamokay Taylor - 800-282-0066 Barix Clinics of MI - $300 first visit & then $150 for fill MICHIGAN - Holland - Dr. Jon Schram - 616-994-6677 or 800-282-0066 MICHIGAN - Hillside Surgical Group - 451 Hidden Meadows Dr. Suite 260 - 517-437-5250 MICHIGAN - Port Huron - Dt. Anthony Boutt - 800-228-1484 MICHIGAN - Detroit Dr. Andre R. Nunn 313-745-7454 Close to OHIO. 4160 John R. St., Suite # 805, Detroit, MI 48201 MICHIGAN - Dr. Mark Pleatman 248-334-5444 Bloomfield, MI MICHIGAN See Dr. Amjad Ali in PA about 150 miles from Detroit) 814-877-6997 MINNESOTA - Dr. Peter Billing - Moose Lake 218-485-5892 $250 MINNESOTA - Minneapolis / Hennepin Bariatric Center 612-873-9664 Jennifer Pierce mailto:jennifer.pierce@co.hennepin.mn.us>jennifer.pierce@co.hennepin.mn.us MINNESOTA -St. Louis Park, Park Nicollett Bariatric Department - Dr. Wetherille 952-993-3180 need records - fills done by PA MINNESOTA - Crosby - Minnesota Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery - Dr. Howard McCollister & Dr. Paul Severson & Timothy Lemier- 218-546-8375 MISSISSIPPI - Oxford - Dr. Michael King - 662-234-5820 need surgery report $200 MISSISSIPPI - Ocean Springs/ South Mississippi Surgical Weight LossCenter 800-537-8809 or 228-872-7277 http://www.smsurgicalweightloss.com/contactsms.html MISSISSIPPI - Jackson/ Dr. David Carroll 601-366-6606 971 Lakeland Dr., St. Dominic Hospital, Suite 1252, Jackson, MS (not very good - poked holes in tubing) MISSISSIPPI - Dr Blair Faulkner - 601-591-2110 Brandon (near Jackson) MISSISSIPPI - Tupelo - Margaret, RN - 662-346-3307 (traveling fill provider) MISSOURI - Branson - Dr. Michael Hodges - 417-224-5603 MISSOURI - Near Kansas City - Dr. Stephen Malley - 913-492-2530 MISSOURI - Dr. Van Wagner - St. Louis - 314-776-7112 MISSOURI - Joseph Gallagher RN, MSN, FNP (Missouri Weightloss Surgical Center) 3238 S. National Ave, Springfield MO 65807 417-885-7075 & 913-541-0230 First fill and initial consultation is $400 Additional fills are $250 MONTANA - Dr. David Rohrer - Great Falls, MT - 406-771-8411 Allergan Lapband only - needs surgery report and fee is $200 cash MONTANA - Chris Rost, PA - 195 Commons Loop Suite E, Kalispell MT 59901 Phone (406)257-6494 and fax (406)257-6496 website is www.newimageclinic.net open Thursdays and Fridays by appointment. $150.00 for band adjustment and offer a 10% discount for cash at time of service. NEBRASKA -Scots Bluff- Dr. Jeffrey Holloway/ Dr. Glen Forney, western Surgical Group 800-321-6790 or 308-632-2872 -Two West 42nd St., Suite 3100 - $200.00 initial, $55.00 following. Cash up front. Bring surgical report NEBRASKA - Kearney - Dr. Jeffrey Merz, 308-865-2141 NEBRASKA - Lincoln - Dr. Hung - 402-441-4760 NEVADA - Reno - Drs. Kozar, Gasser, Sasse, Watson - Western Bariatric Institute - 775-326-9152 - needs surgery report -consultation fee $443, fill $200 (non xray) may give 30% discount for self paying NEVADA -Las Vegas - Dr. Francis Teng - 702-838-5888 need surgery report NEVADA - Henderson - Dr. Thomas Umbach 702-463-3300 $150 NEW HAMPSHIRE - Portsmouth - Atlantic Surgical Assoc. (ask for Bariatric Center) - need surgery report - 603-431-5242 - speak to betty to check for fees and availabilty NEW JERSEY - Gaspar Rosario, APN-C - works with Dr. Ren in NYC - now has own fill practice: http://www.accessweightlosscare.com/id2.html Access Wt-Loss Care, LLC, 2477 Highway 516, Suite 103 Old Brdige, NJ 08857 Phone: 201.336.2725 Fax: 732.358.7024 E-mail: asparRosarioNP@accessweightlosscare.com $300 initial consult including adjustment; $75 thereafter. NEW JERSEY - Livingston - Drs. Michael Nusbaum & Debra Abeles, Obesity Treatment Centers of NJ- 973-322-7977 -need op report/consultation $300, $200 fill, $122 xray NEW JERSEY - Florham Park - Banding Centers of America - 973-805-9977 NEW JERSEY - Mt. Laurel - Dr. Thomas Lee, FCUSA Network, 866-345-5872 NEW JERSEY - Donna Fanelli, MSN, NPC - Millburn, NJ - 973-467-5590, First office visit $250, then $140 NEW JERSEY - Paramus, NJ - Drs.Schmidt, Trivedi & Ewing - Advanced Laparoscopic Associcates - 201-646-1121 - surgery report - $500 consult, Fills $80 (non xray) NEW JERSEY - Dr. Gristus 973-696-9050 Lincoln Park, NJ - Advanced Surgical Solutions NEW JERSEY - Egg Harbor Township (near Atlantic City) Dr. Samir Patel - 609-653-2884 NEW JERSEY - Voorhees - Dr. Yves Manigat - 856-429-8445 NEW YORK - Rochester - Bariatrics of Western New York Address -1415 Portland Ave, Suite 225 14621 585-922-2900 -$249.00, Fills: $75.00 NEW YORK - Mt. Sinai Program for Surgical Weight Loss - Dr. Daniel Herron - 212-241-3699 NEW YORK - Patchogue - Dr. Rubenstein - 631-654-4164 NEW YORK - New York -Dr. Christine Ren 212-263-3166 530 First Ave., New York, NY -NYU Program for Surgical Weight Loss - Fax # 212-263-3757 - Fluoro?; NO -$100.00 per fill NEW YORK - Upper East Side/ Lennox Hospital - Dr. Mitchell S. Roslin & Marina S. Kurian 212-434-3285 $500 first visit. <http://www.nomoreobesity.com/>http://www.nomoreobesity.com NEW YORK - Massapequa/ Dory Ferraro, M.S., C.S., ANP 516-579-0094 or 516-454-0960 Long Island Bariatric Center (also has office in Lawrence Village, Soho, NY) NEW YORK - Great Neck, NY- Dr Larry Gellman - North Shore Surgical Specialists Contact -Yvonne Castle 516-482-2319 Fluoro?; YES -$250.00 initial consult plus additional hospital fees - surgical report NORTH CAROLINA - Raleigh/Cary - Dr. Paul Enochs/Bariatric Specialist of NC - 919-459-0091 $250 enrollment fee and $1000 per year for unlimited fills/follow up NORTH CAROLINA - Winston-Salem/ Dr. Eduardo Gonzales/ The SurgicalWeight Loss Center PA 336-784-8299 1000 SouthparkBlvd, Suite A, Winston-Salem, NC 27127 NORTH CAROLINA - Roc Bauman MD, F.A.C.S. I (near Charlotte)704-786-5700 1090 Vinehaven Dr. NE, Concord, NC 28025 drb@lgbsurgery.com NORTH CAROLINA - Charlotte - Dr. David Voellinger - 704-347-4144 needs op report & dischg/will mail packet that pt fills out & returns/Dr. makes determination - fee $150 cash NORTH DAKOTA - Fargo - Dr. Timothy Monson - Merit Care - 701-234-2251 NORTH DAKOTA - Bismark - Dr. Michael Schmit - 701-530-6000 OHIO - Bowling Green - Dr. Peter Lalor - 866-671-3836 or 419-373-7699 option 1 - Chris - needs op report $325 includes xray, $125 no xray OHIO - Groveport (near Columbus) - Barrix Clinics of Ohio - 800-282-0066 $150 OHIO -Akron - Dr. Adrian Dan - Summa Hospital, Bariatric Care Center 330-375-6590 Ask for Shirley (Intake Coordinator) need op report - separate fees of $120 for office & fill and $100 for doctor OHIO - Dr. Walter Chlysta 330-344-1100 400 Wabash Ave, Akron, OH 44307 OHIO - Cleveland - Drs. Stacy Brethauer, Bipan Chand & Phillip Shauer -(216) 444-6664 - or 216-636-3999 Cleveland Clinic Foundation - Need surgical report - $217 OHIO - Cincinnati -Melody Kodis Certified Weight Loss Coach- 120 E. Ogden, Suite 120, Hinsdale, OH 60521 $100 fee - Bottom Line Weight Loss www.bottomlineweightloss.net OHIO - Cincinnati - Dr. George Kerlakian, Good Samaritan Hospital, 513-862-4957 $150 OHIO - Findlay, OH - Dr. Brian Lane 419-373-7699 Wood County Hospital OKLAHOMA - Edmond - Drs. Toby Broussard & Greg Walton 405-359-2473 - must join their group $2000 covers 1 year and up to 3 fills. OKLAHOMA - Oklahoma Weight Loss Options -3400 West Tecumsen Suite 205 1-800-599-8010 or 405-360-7100 -Must bring surgical record OKLAHOMA - Lawton - Dr. Michael Sawyer, 580-510-7042 Comanche Memorial Hospital, 3rd floor, Outpatient Care OKLAHOMA - Owasso, Dr. Luis V. Gorospe - 888-918-8746 - Bailey Medical Center Bariatrics, needs preop reports & surgery report, $200 Dr.'s fee & $200 facility fee - does fills on both bands, Lapband & J & J http://www.baileybariatrics.com/default.asp?contentID=36 OREGON- Eugene & Portland- Dr. Kelley Fitzpatrick 503-235-6589 VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 1950 E. 28th Ave., Eugene, OR 97403 Drfitz@sacred-medicine.com http://gastricbands.com/ OREGON - Dr. Raul Mirande 541-880-2838 2200 Bryant Williams Dr., Second Floor, Klamath Falls, OR 97601. OREGON - Dr. Steven Tersigni 541-267-5151 ext. 360 or 800-765-0052 ext. 360 North Bend Medical Center. 1900 Woodland Dr., Coos Bay, OR 97420 PENNSYLVANIA - Erie (About 154 Miles from Detroit, MI) Dr. Amjad Ali 814-877-6997 814-877-4980 <mailto:arlene.bevan@hamot.org>104 East 2nd St., Erie, PA 16565 PENNSYLVANIA - Dr. Pavlos Papasavos - 4727 FRIENDSHOP AVE #140, Pittsburg, PA 15224 Telephone: 412-235-5900 Fax; 412-235-5901 PENNSYLVANIA - Dr. Patel - Philadelphia area - Egg Harbor Township, NJ - (also near Atlantic City) - 609-653-2884 PENNSYLVANIA - Philadelphia/Jefferson area - Dr. Tichansky - 215-503-7325 RHODE ISLAND - Dr. Dieter Pohl, Johnston, RI - 401-521-6310 needs surgery report $200 first visit, $100 fill plus $60 office vist SOUTH CAROLINA - Dr. Glen Strickland & Dr. Marc Antonetti 866-560-4415 803-791-2824 Strickland 803-791-2828 Antonetti SC Obesity Center, 2728 Sunset Blvd., Ste # 308, West Columbia, SC 29169 SOUTH CAROLINA - Lexington - Carolina Bariatric Medical Center -Charles T. Goodson http://www.carolinabariatric.com/ - 803-796-3820 SOUTH DAKOTA - Sioux Falls - Dr. Peter O'Brien & Dr. Glatt -Sanford Clinic - 605-328-3840- need all surgical records first & will decide/ $242 first fill & then $111 after/ xray available for added fee TENNESSEE - Murphysboro (between Chatanooga & Nashville) - Dr. Westmoreland - 615-867-1940 TENNESSEE - Knoxville/Maryville area - Drs. Mark Colquitt & Jonathan Ray - need surgical report - $1000 program fee to start/fills are $150 - 800-521-3329 TENNESSEE - Nashville - Dr. Charles Morten 615-832-8186 Southern Hills Medical Ctr. Suite #414, 397 Wallace Road, Nashville, TN TENNESSEE - Nashville- Dr. Hugh Houston 615-342-5820 2200 Murphy Ave., Nashville, TN TENNESSEE - Memphis - Dr. George Woodman - 901-869-2000 TEXAS - Corpus Christy & Victoria - Drs. McDaniel & Hougen - 361-574-1888 - fill out application, need surgery report/ fill with fluro-$225, without fluro - $75 TEXAS - Amarillo - Rena Kuehler, RN - 806-359-3030 or cell -806-673-2719 TEXAS - Beaumont - Christus Hospital Bariatric Center 877-839-5673 $250 enrollment fee, $150 fills need surgery report http://www.christushospital.org/facilities_seBariatrics.html TEXAS -Dallas/Ft.Worth - Adjustable Gastric Banding Services -972-660-3188 TEXAS - Dallas - Dr. Wade Baker 972-270-4800 need op report $275 with xray, $150 no xray TEXAS- Dallas/ Dr. Frederico Maese 972-842-3911 6170 Sherry Lane, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75225 TEXAS - Dallas - Dr. Jayaseelan 972-566-2263 $250 with fluro TEXAS - Dallas - Dr. Dirk Rodriguez 214-943-9977 www.texasbariatriccenter.com TEXAS - Bryan/College Station - Dr. Garwood 979-520-8847 TEXAS - El Paso/ Dr. Castro & Dr. Applebaum 915-351-6272 1250 E. Cliff St., El Paso, TX 79902 TEXAS – Arlington Dr. Richard Carter 817-557-5036 817-557-6349 USMD Hospital, 811 W. Hwy 20-Ste. 224, Arlington, TX 76017 www.carterlapband.com Fill out application and put "Mexico Patient" under Insurance. TEXAS- Arlington, Ft. Worth -Dr.Walter Dobson & Dr. Peterson 972-660-3188 <mailto:janadob@swbell.net or drwalteradobson@swbell.net TEXAS - Austin/Corpus Christy- Dr. Sashidhar Ganta, MD 512-257-2425 Austin Institute of Bariatrics 11111 Research Blvd., Suite #370, Austin, TX 78759 email: sashiganta@yahoo.com website: austinbariatricinstitute.com TEXAS - Houston/ Dr. Carlos Ferrari 713-864-5487 <http://www.drcarlosferrari.com/ Www.drcarlosferrari.com TEXAS - Houston/Obesity Surgery Center- Dr. Robert Marvin 800-664-9177 $200 427 W. 20th St., Ste# 300, Houston, TX 77008 TEXAS - Houston/ Dr. Matthew St. Laurent 281-921-1890 TEXAS - Radiology Center of Paris/ Dr. Clifford 903-785-8521 1055 Clarksville#180, Paris, TX TEXAS -Austin & San Antonio - Dr. Patel 210-695-2757 TEXAS - McAllen (southern tip of TX near Hidalgo, TX-near TX/Mexico border) - Dr. Luis Reyes 956-630-4161 - $425 first office visit (consult & fill) then fills are $272 (no xray) TEXAS - San Antonio - Dr. Jorge Rincon - San Antonio Weight Loss Center 210-587-7744 TEXAS - College Station/Tyler - Dr. Stephanie Eisjink (Scott & White Clinic) - 1700 University, College Station 979-587-0000 or 903-520-8847 TEXAS - College Station - Dr. Gerald Garwood, contact Janice 979-661-1160 or 979-696-3700, $200 consultation, $100 fill, fluro $55 TEXAS - Marshall (near Tyler, TX and Shreveport, LA) - Dr. Kathleen Querry - 903-938-7200 TEXAS - Spring or the Woodlands - Dr. Jason Balette - 281-419-8400, Surgical Group of the Woodlands TEXAS - Comanche - Dr. Howard Dickey -Doctor's Medical Clinic 10201 Hwy 16 N Comanche, TX 76442 254-879-4900 UTAH - Salt Lake City -Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, 24 South 1100 East Suite #304, 84102 (801) 746-2885 $150.00 for fill, $100.00 new patient charge .Upper GI required to see placement of Band- needs results prior to appointment Sergical report and/or medical records are needed prior to making appointment UTAH - Salt Lake City - Dr.Daniel Cottam - 801-478-0010 or 801-746-2885 VIRGINIA - Vienna -Dr. Hazem A. Elariny, MD & Dr. Chan- 888-SCALPEL or 703-465-5060 helariny@pol.net www.alagsa.com $250 VIRGINIA - Fairfax / Dr. Amir Moazzez/ Metro Bariatrics 703-620-3211 WASHINGTON, D.C. - Dr. Marc Rickford - 1160 Varnum St NE, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20017 (202) 448-4080 Fee - $150 - needs op report WASHINGTON, D.C. - Dr. Barry Green, 9707 Medical Center Drive #200, Rockville, MD 20850 just outside of Washington DC, will do fills on Mexican banded patients. He charges a $500.00 one-time fee. The fee is for access to Nutritional Counseling, Psychological Evaluation and Exercise Training. His support group meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday and is moderated by a professional psychologist. The cost for blind fills is $150.00 This means that the first fill is $650.00 then $150.00 there after. His website is: www.advancedwls.com WASHINGTON - Seattle/ Ballard - Dr. Joseph Chebli - Northeast Obesity Surgery 206-368-1230 1801 NW Market St, Suite 301, Seattle, WA 98107 WASHINGTON - Shelton & Olympia - Dr. Neal & Dr. Ogle - Pacific Bariatric Surgery, PLLC 866-426-4142 or 360-426-4142 200 Lilly Road, NE, Suite C-2, Olympia, WA 98506 info@pacsurgical.com WASHINGTON - Spokane - Dr. Vivian Moise - Rehabilition Medicine - new patient $250 (non-xray) and $200 follow-up visits 801 W 5th Ave, Suite 104, Spokane, WA 99204-2800 (509) 747-5242 WASHINGTON - Spokane - Dr. Jonathan Spitz, Rockwood Bariatric Center at Sacred Heart - 509-838-2531 WASHINGTON - Tacoma area/ Dr. Fox & Dr. Srikanth 253-472-9850 3716 Pacific Ave., Suite B, Tacoma, WA 98418 WISCONSIN - Appleton area/ Midwest Bariatric Solutions 920-725-4527 or 800-236-2236 ext.3 ask for Julie Scott 200 Theda Clark Medical Plaza, Suite #410 (East Pavillion), Neenah, WI 54956 www.mwbariatric.com 5217info@mwbariatric.com WISCONSIN - Menomonee Falls (near Milwaukee) - Dr. Zane Prewitt - 262-251-7500 WISCONSIN - Milwaukee, Dr. Thomas Chua 414-281-9655 -$300.00 initial consult, fills are $300 w/o fluoro WISCONSIN - Marshfield - Marshfield Clinic 715-387-9220 need upper GI & surgical resport, $330 for fill FILL CENTERS USA 866-345-5872 Multiple locations! <http://www.fillcentersusa.com/>www.fillcentersusa.com WISH CENTERS 866-598-9474 Arizona Florida Illinois Ohio Texas Washington -All Wish Centers will do fills for Mexican Banded patients, but they may need to join some sort of program first.<http://www.wishcenter.org/new/lapband_01.asp>www.wishcenter.org/new/lapband_01.asp CORI CENTERS 800-578-2674 Michigan Illinois New York ______________________________________________________ TOKOYO, JAPAN - Yosuke Seki, MD, PhD Department of Weight Loss Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, Yotsuya Medical Cube, 7-7 Ni-bancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0084, Japan Tel:+81-3-3261-0401 (Domestic 03-3261-0401) Fax:+81-3-3261-0402 (03-3261-0402) Email: ① seki@mcube.jp ② yosuke_seki@hotmail.co ____________________________________________________________ WINDSOR, AUSTRALIA - Dr. Paul Obrien - +61 3 9903 0608 or +61 3 9520 9520 The Centre For Bariatric Surgery,22 The Avenue, Windsor, Vic 3181 Australia. (possible fills or may know someone) AUSTRALIA - Dr. James Gallagher - Sydney 612 9565 5059 AUSTRALIA - Dr. Frydenberg http://www.obesitysurgerymelbourne.com.au/index.html AUSTRALIA -Richmond - Epworth Centre for Bariatric Surgery, Epworth Medical Centre Suite 2.1, 173 Lennox Street, Richmond VIC 3121 Tel: 03 9421 1166 Fax: 03 9421 1188 Email: info@obesity.com.au ____________________________________________________________ UK -Paddington, UK - Dr. Pelling 020 7886 1732 (secretary is Sarah) fee -48 pounds UK - Bristol - Avon Obesity Service (AOS) AOS in conjunction with SPIRE Bristol are offering £195 for X-ray and band adjustment (inclusive).If you have had surgery elsewhere and want to transfer to AOS team at Bristol please contact - Sharon Bates phone - 447813036071 www.gastricbandservice.co.uk and www.avonobesitysevice.co.uk support group - http://www.avonbandsupport.org.uk/ _________________________________________________________________ BELGIUM & IRELAND - Dr. Chris deBruyne phone: 003227517777 mobile: 0032476398074 (for a text massage) chris.debruyne@advalvas.be dokter.de.bruyne@telenet.be www.obesity-assit.com Consultations in Belgium can only be made by my e-mail or text message. Urgent problems can be treated here at all times. His secretary is called Julie 07872 963503 or his assistants number is +32(0)472019091 his name is Frederik Serneels. They come to Ireland twice a month for aftercare. ______________________________________________________ EQUADOR - Quito - Dr. Manolo Cortez 011 593 22 269 827 ____________________________________________________________________________ FRANCE - Lyon - Dr. Vincent Frering (trained Dr. Ortiz) Tel : +33 (0)437497010 (check if willing to do fills) frering@chirurgien-digestif.com www.chirurgien-digestif.com ________________________________________________________ click on this link for many bariatric surgeon resources in Europe (Ireland, Spain, Germany, Belgium, UK, Romania, India)- possible fill providers -you will have to do your own research http://www.privatehealth.co.uk/hospitaltreatment/find-a-treatment/obesity-treatment/obesity-surgery-abroad/_ SPAIN - Alcoy - Dr. Aniceto Baltasar - contact if willing to do fills http://www.drbaltasar.com/principal.php Spain - Valencia -Dr. Jose Vte Ferrer, Telephone: +34 902 431 624 / +34 96 347 05 35 - contact,Mrs. Inmaculada Lillo - (contact if willing to do fills)http://www.clinicaobesitas.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=information&file=surgeries_gastric_band Spain - Marbella - contact if willing to do fills/follow up http://www.marbellamedical.com/procedure.php?id=28 ______________________________________________________________________ BAHAMAS - VIRGIN ISLANDS - Dr. C. W. Diggiss - 242-302-4697 (call to verify) ___________________________________________________________________ Good website for doctor resources in Canada - you will have to call around to see if you can locate a fill provider http://www.doctors-4u.ca/ CANADA ALBERTA -Calgary - Lefebre Clinic - fill doctor is Dr. Peggy Burke - 403-278-3411 - Fee $100 ALBERTA - Calgary - Dr. Jean Gaston, 403-220-2859, 3330 Hospital Dr., Alberta $100 for fill, $65 for xray ALBERTA - Fort McMurray (5 hours N. of Edmonton) - Dr. Johannes Bouwer - 780-742-2352 and speak to Diane - $75 for non-xray fill ALBERTA - Grand Prairie - Dr. Jim, Radiologist at Queen Elizabeth Hosptial - must be referred by your Canadian medical doctor - no charge for fill done with xray British Columbia - Vancouver - Dr. Ric Arseneau - 604-682-2344 - St. Paul's Hospital $150 with 2 week free adjustment period - email - richarda@interchange.ubc.ca British Columbia - Kelowna - Dr. Kluftinger - I Quest Healthcare -need surgery report contact person is Denise - 250-860-3413 - $125-200 (non xray) website - http://www.iquesthealth.ca/programs/surgical-weightloss/ British Columbia - Dr. Manchanda - has 2 offices in BC, one in Gilford and the other in Surrey, BC (40 kilometers from Vancouver) charges $100 for the fill done in his office (probably no xray). Phone numbers are 604-583-3550 and 604-588-4191. (Offices may have changed - call to verify) British Columbia - Dr. Manchanda - Sema Clinic on Fraser Highway 604-580-5541 Ontario - Dr. Chris Cobourn 905-275-9283 call for prices (very expensive - wants $5000 for aftercare/fills) Surgical Weight Loss Center, Mississauga, Ontairo Ontario - Ottowa - Dr. Jose Gutauskas 613-725-9180, 107-770 Broadview Ave., Ottowa - $75-$100 no xray - fills only, no lapband problems or complications Toronto - Dr. Patrick Yau, Dr. Jaime Cyriac & Dr. Umar Dar - Slimband.com, Laparoscopic Band Centre, Prince Arthur Medical Center - 800-409-8151 or 800-298-0684 (told Dr. Yau wants $10,000 to do follow up - ridiculous!) CIBO - Toronto - Drs. Paul Sullivan, Lloyd Smith, Monali Misra. Fills are done by RN. Must have surgery report and they would like a call from us referring the patient. Contact person is Nisrime at 416-527-2263. Fee is $150 for non xray fill. 1-866-511-CIBO (toll free) Email: info@ciboclinic.com website: www.ciboclinic.com (call to verify if still doing fills) SASKATCHEWAN Lorna King, RN in Saskatoon. (306) 373-1879 (306) 373-1879 main lornakingrn@hotmail.com website: http://sasksurgicalsolutions.com/FillCentre.html Lapband fills $75.00 each fill. A one time initial assessment fee of $75.00 will be charged in addition to the fill cost. Tax receipts are given to all patients. Michelle Wright , RN BSN in Saskatoon, SK Surgeon-trained to perform gastric band fills (306) 934-3746 (306) 934-3746 main fillcentresaskatoon@sasktel.net website: http://www.fillcentresaskatoon.sasktelwebsite.net/ $75/fill (cash, cheque, debit or credit card accepted) near Regina: Linda MacPhee RN in Regina,SK (306) 924-4592 (306) 924-4592 main Lapband fills $100.00 each fill. No assessment fee. No tax receipts issued. St. Johns, Newfoundland - Peer Syed Dr Physicians & Surgeons (group name) -Dr. Jillian Parsons - 39 Avenue Campbell. St John's, A1E - Phone: 709-579-5001 - fee $75 (non xray) (call to verify if doing fills) HALIFAX, Nova Scotia - Dr. Robert Stalker (902) 494-1623 e-mail dr.stalker@ns.aliantzinc.ca HALIFAX, Nova Scotia - Laurie Gagnon - 902-678-2533 $100 fill - 2 week free adjustment MONTREAL -Dr. Steven Miller- 514-905-1234 - Spa Diva Medical Center, 1455 Rue Peel, Suite 111 Montreal, Quebec - fill $200 MONTREAL - Dr. Pierre-Yves Garneau ,Centre de Chirurgie Bariatrique de Montréal; CCBM/MBSC Rockland MD 100, ch. Rockland ,Ville Mont-Royal, QC, CANADA H3P 2V9T: 514-667-3383 Ask for Diane Ext. 250 fee is $100 initial fee to "open the file" and then $250 for a non xray fill - xray is available if necessary MONTREAL - Nicolas Christou, Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, 514-843-1531 Alberta - may do fills - check to confirm: > Dr. Farries - 403-347-9037 > Dr. Daviduck - 780-460-4562 > Dr. Birch - 780-735-5620 > Dr. Davey - 780-735-5620 > Dr. Ooustheizens - 780-568-2277 > Dr. Botha - 403-252-7442
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    Pouch Reset Kit - Vitaleph

    Our stomach has the ability to stretch out as a result of food intake. Folds of tissue within the stomach expand and contract in response to food input. After a sleeve or plication weight loss surgery, stretching of the new pouch occurs naturally. This process happens until the pouch matures to its natural size. However, some patients may have overstretched out their pouch with or without observable symptoms. Band and bypass patients may have stretched out their pouch with and without observable symptoms because of two possible causes: either the band is too tight, or there is an underlying medical cause that needs to be evaluated. If you have reflux, regurgitation, or feel like you can tolerate larger meals or, on the contrary, can’t tolerate any solid foods at all, you will need to test the functionality of your pouch by doing the Pouch Reset. You may use the Pouch Reset to evaluate if a medical assessment is necessary and/or consider revision surgery. The Pouch Reset lasts only 7 days. Its objective is to prevent further stretching the pouch at each meal. It includes the supplements necessary and an e-book with diet details. https://www.vitaleph.com/products/pouch-reset.html Lucia Chavez, LNCA Chief Nutritionist nutritionist@obesitycontrolcenter.com 1-866-376-7849 ext. 86
  8. So many great OCC Stories....We Invite you to share your OCC story others!!!! THE OCC BEFORE AND AFTER CONTEST! Share your Story and Win! https://obesitycontrolcenter.com/before-and-after-contest/ The OCC Testimonial & Spokesperson of the Year Award... Is the way we thank to you for sharing your life changing experience with others.
  9. Yes my lovies, I finally did it. I had that arm lift I have been waiting for... I've always had large arms, I am of mostly Norwegian, German, and Irish descent... and we are known for thicker arms, and I for sure got that from my Norwegian Grandma. It had come to the point that when i was working out (or waving to someone) that my upper arms kept up the motion long after I had stopped... It was also causing some pain and friction during my workouts. I was going in to have a fix to a breast lift from years ago and since I had to have surgery anyway - I decided to just go for it and have my arms done at the same time... if i was going to be recuperating, might as well get it done... so I did. Even immediately after surgery - OMGOSH - are those my arms? I took a picture the night before I left for Mexico and then one a few days after surgery. You can already see the remarkable change. I had an extended arm lift so it goes from my elbow up my arm, through the arm pit and then down my side, to take care of that bra bulge as well. I'm being very careful to follow all of Dr. Medina's advice so that I let the arms heal well, so that as my scar fades, it will be a nice, tight, clean, faded out scar. I won't say this recovery is a breeze... I mean - you use your arms for everything and I'm having to be very careful about how far I extend them for a few weeks. Thankfully most of my work is computer so i can use my laptop, and i wear a headset with my phone, so i'm not having to hold anything. Probably having the surgery 2 weeks before Christmas is the hardest part, but it made me get organized, get things done early, and will give me that excuse of... sorry, no i can't do those dishes or make those mashed potatoes because i can't use my arms for that yet! (insert evil grin here) but it also made me cut back on Christmas - not the joy or the experience, but the endless shopping, parties, baking, candy making, and over the top decorating, and allowed me time to sit back, and enjoy it, watch a few more Christmas movies. Have a little more snuggle time with my kids. And just enjoy the Reason for the Season, and the Celebration of my Redeemer's birth. I can't recommend Dr. Medina from www.thearielcenter.com more highly. I have seen several pictures of his other cosmetic patients, including arm lifts, and he does amazing work, and he specializes in post bariatric cosmetic surgery, which is so important! Those of you that had recent arm lifts with him will forgive me for my endless questions, but you look fabulous and i'm a need to know kind of girl. He also fixed a problem with my previous breast lift, but I'm way too shy to post those pictures, but my girls look good! So here is a before and right after pic... i'll post updates as the healing continues! If you are considering cosmetic surgery visit www.thearielcenter.com or email cosmetic@thearielcenter.com and our coordinator, Ora, will be happy to assist you! Usually all its takes for a consultation and quote is some pictures and description of the areas you are interested in improving! 1/12/2016 update - new "after" picture - and LOOK you can see my muscles... that has never happened before! You can see the picture on The Ariel Center Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thearielcenter/ or my review on RealSelf https://www.realself.com/review/tijuana-mx-arm-lift-bare-arms-finally-batwings-fixed#dr-review
  10. LoriBecky

    Hair loss after surgery

    I thought I would share this post about hair lost after surgery from the OCC Nutritional Team. Many patients experience early postoperative hair loss, which is mainly due to telogen effluvium, an alteration in the normal hair cycle, a dormant or resting stage, that results from emotional or physical stress (i.e. surgery). This event is unrelated to protein malnutrition or vitamin and mineral deficiencies which is a common misconception. Hair loss experienced 3-5 months after surgery, ​ ​is more often due to the stress of the surgery and the extreme weight loss; in these cases, hair will grow back. However, there are nutritional deficiencies that can contribute to hair loss as well. A diet low in protein and/or calories can also cause hair loss. Nutritional deficiencies such as protein, iron and zinc deficiencies can increase your risk. If hair loss occurs after six months post-surgery, nutritional causes are probably involved in hair loss. The nutrients that are related to hair loss are protein, iron, zinc, biotin, essential fatty acids and vitamin b12. To prevent the nutritional cause continue following our dietary recommendations post-op: in addition to the bariatric multivitamins you should also include probiotics (in addition to gut health they produce additional biotin) liquid B12 which is better absorbed than in capsules, calcium+D3 and of course your protein. Don't forget to take separately the bariatric vitamins from the calcium as iron and calcium compete for the absorption at the gut. Working on your protein goals and taking your bariatric supplements will help prevent the nutritional cause. Attached you'll find a protein equivalents table to help you count your daily protein; let's aim for 70-80 grams of protein per day. As always, for OCC patients, if you have any questions about nutrition please email nutritionist@obesitycontrolcenter.com or you can email me, lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com
  11. Ready to be surprised by our newest product? We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new and unique product: Enhanced Bariatric Nutritional (EBN) Protein Shake We are very excited with its new and enhanced nutritional qualities, and we know you will be too! In one serving, you'll get the best of VITALEPH´s previous protein shake plus 4 additional benefits: The best taste available. After 10 months of sampling for texture and taste, we are proud to offer a medically graded protein shake without the “medicinal taste”. More vitamin D to help reduce pill intake, yet meet the bariatric standard recommendation of 3,000 IU. Glutamine, a unique nutrient that fuels metabolism, repairs and maintains gut functions; which is especially important after a digestive tract surgery, such as bariatric surgery!. Glutamine plays a crucial role in preventing gastrointestinal conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Therefore, our EBN protein shake is a great addition to anyone with digestive symptoms. Flax seed for its many benefits, including omega 3, essential fatty acids to fight off the proinflammatory state we are susceptible to, and fiber that has shown to lower cholesterol, reduce risk of cancer, and aid in digestive problems. No other product comes close to these nutritional features. We keep our pledge to your health by providing clean and true ingredients, at the right dose. Please visit us at caralnutrition.com, the space where medicine and nutrition intersect. To a long, productive, healthy and happy life. Lucía Chávez, Nutritionist Terms | Privacy | Unsubscribe Thank you, Caral!
  12. that is so sweet, thank you! I am excited for you, its a whole new world out there, I hadn't realized how much I was hiding, until I wasn't! Keep me posted on your progress
  13. LoriBecky

    Vitaleph back in stock!

    Vitaleph Designer Nutrition is back in stock... remember, The American Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery has determined that ALL Weightloss Surgery patients should be on Bariatric Vitamins and Supplements, for life! So lets stay well as we lose weight, and keep it off! www.vitaleph.com if you have any questions about your pre-op or post-op supplements email nutritionist@obesitycontrolcenter.com
  14. CELEBRATE Good Times C'mon.... let's celebrate! woohoooooooo 3 years ago I had by Sleeve surgery - my band to sleeve revision surgery. I can tell you I haven't regretted it for a single solitary second! I still love my sleeve. I love what is has allowed me to do... I'm at a healthy weight, my cholesterol is 115... 9 years ago it was over 240. I feel great and... ok ok... i get to buy clothes off the really cute rack... usually in a small or medium. If you've read my blog you know I had my band surgery back in 2006, and I did well with it for quite awhile... then I got derailed through a series of accidents, surgeries, no walking for months, band wide open, and lots of really good church lady food. I needed a change... enter the <ahhhhh> sleeve surgery. I loved my band, but I will tell you - I love my sleeve more.... its a much more natural restriction, i can eat whatever I want (within reason!) just in smaller quantities... no worries about food getting stuck, I just fill up really fast. Thanks to OCC and Dr. Ortiz, today, I am at a very health 5'7 and average around 140 pounds. I'll be FIFTY this year....<shudder> and I honestly feel worlds better then I did when I hit 40. My husband and I celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary next week.... in Cancun. I am taking 7 bathing suits for our 6 day trip - almost all of them are 2 piece (nothing too skimpy... the sleeve didn't give me 20 year old thighs people!) but 10 years ago i would never have considered spending all day in a bathing suit at the pool or beach... but that's what I'll be doing all of next week (with a fabulous faux tan and a lot of sunscreen and one of those big floppy hats and oversized sunglasses... again i'm almost 50 people...) Thank you for sharing this day with me... and happy sleeviversary to my sleeve sista Emily, too - we've walked this journey together (and she has a baby to show for it!) If you have any questions about my journey or weight loss surgery you can reach me at lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com or 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81.