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I got my first fill




I am not sure it helped much but I got my first fill. Hubby and I went to Washington to get it. At first it was tight, but it seems to have leveled out. I think I may need another one. This time I think we will do it closer. We spent $750.00 to get us both done there. It will cost us about $400.00 next time. I think we will use the dr that comes down to Portland. Hopefully the 2nd fill will last a bit longer. I ate a hamburger tonight, I am not sure I should have been able to eat the whole thing, it was a small one but still. I will have to see how much that was. Maybe a cup if it was squished. I think I will have to pay more attention, it is hard when you are on the go. I need to check out better options for myself. I should have got a salad. Hubby seems to be doing ok. He dont say much.



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