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I'm on solids now



So now I am eating, hubby and I eat pretty much whatever we want. But in way smaller portions. It is kinda nice, it has really saved us so much money and time. My son is a bit confused but he will figure it out. I have had this terrible bug so I haven't been eating much, but I have been drinking alot of water and juice. My son got the bug too. We both need to get back on track. I think he is better today. I am hoping that it is going away, I hate to be sick.

The first payment for the loan came in, I can really feel the hit, but paying for the band is something that is important. This is what we wanted, I am hoping to refinance it once all the money problems settle down, maybe someone will give me a better loan to pay down the interest rate. I sure hope so, but for now, I'll just keep paying away at it. We did get some of the money back from a medical flex account but I used that to pay bills and pay off some so we could afford the payment, I think it will help. I also put money away for our first fill. So I am going to schedule that soon. I think the weight is still coming off, it is just slow. Hubby and I need to set down a diet plan to make sure we never get back where we were. I sure dont want to go backwards ever. I think he really has liked the progress so far. All and all it has been a good experience, well except getting chicken caught one time, that was not fun. We will just keep plugging along and hopefully the weight will come off.


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