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Pre-op Diet



I am in the pre-op diet phase. Yippie, that means soon I will be getting my band. Lately there have been a few posts on the forum about the pain newly banded people are in. It leaves me hoping I took off enough time for recovery. From everything I have read, I should be okay. I am hopeful I will be the "bounce back kid." I really hope that I can manage my pain well, as I have a son to come home to and care for.

The pre-op diet is going pretty good. I have very good success while I am at work. It is when I am home over the weekends that are a bit more difficult. The weather is warming up, so that will make it easier for us to get out and do things. I am planning on going to the zoo this weekend, so that will take my focus off food. I am really looking forward to breaking the foody cycle. Or at least having more managability over what I eat and how much.

I am down a few pounds! So that is awesome!


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The pain is actually minimal. I'm on my second band (which I got March 31) I had to have the first one taken off after complications last August. On my first band, I lost 115 pounds.

One thing to remember when you get your band, however, is do NOT lean on a kitchen counter! This is the voice of experience talking. It's just the right height to make your tummy very sore. (I'm 5'6")

When you go to get your surgery, remember to take your "Eatin Pants" as I call them. Something stretchy and soft. The pain is minimal but not nonexistant. As far as recovery time, it depends on what your job is. If you sit at a desk, a couple of days will probably do it. If you have an active job, I didn't have a lot of trouble with pain, but I did get tired very easily for a few days after. Infact I would rather have slept than eaten.

I love having the band or I wouldn't have gotten the second one. It's great to go from a size 26 to a 14 and be able to buy things off the rack again. But when you have all those new cute clothes, it's heart breaking to go from the 14 back up to an 18. I'm on my way back down now though as I'm 8 days out on post op.

I want to wish you the best of luck. Just keep a positive attitude and don't expect the band to do everything for you. It just helps..it doesn't do it all.


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I agree with Karel...I essentially had very little pain. I took liquid Ibuprofen a few times afterwards...but I never slowed down. No time off work (I am a nurse)....had an occasional tug at the incision where they put the port....that was the sorest...otherwise was fine and felt good. I just hit two years with the band. I was a size 24 and currently am a size 10. I have started running long distance now....working up to a 1/2 marathon.....need to run 13 miles, my longest run has been about 10...getting there.

You are exactly right...I view my band as a tool...not at solution. It reminds me that I need to slow down and eat the right things...Still work at healthy eating as opposed to grabbing the package of Oreos.....

Good luck...it works!


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I too am in the pre op diet phase. It seams like everyone has different dr. recquirments to get ready for their operation.

Dr. Kelly gave me this pre-op diet outline........

You will need to follow this simple diet for 3 days before your surgery. Some patients with higher BMI’s will be asked to follow a different diet for 2 weeks prior to surgery. This is necessary to help shrink the liver and make the surgery easier to perform.

Please do not eat anything on your day of arrival until after all testing is completed. After testing you will be able to eat until 08:00 pm the night before surgery.

Allowed foods (3 day pre surgery diet)

All kinds of liquids

Water, tea, lemon water (take at least 3.5 litters a day)

Water, tea, fruit juice drinks, natural fruit beverages, chicken stock, vegetables, cream soups, skim milk, yogurt, jelly (gelatine desserts).

Same liquids plus pureed foods a day (a first stage of Gerber sized, strained).

Mashed fruits, vegetables, cereals (oatmeal, rice, potato, noodles, mixed).

Please avoid and/or limit salt intake. It will keep the swelling down after surgery. Do not smoke at least one week before your surgery and don’t take aspirin.

After your surgery we will provide you personalized care, giving attention to identifying your needs and evaluating outcome.

I hope it helps to know what is being required of others also.

I am thankful for the online forums so we can share and encourage eachother.

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I have learned so much from this forum, and enjoy meeting new friends. I am on day 12 of the post -op diet. When is your surgery?

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