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Now an Official Bandster




Surprize. My family decided (Lets GO Camping!) So I did not get down to the 235 I had hoped for but I did maintain 240 lbs so that is ok.

I am back from Mexico now. My band was place 4-5 pm on the 19th. this puts me just about 4 days post op. I do know when I was in the hospital the night of the 19th and day of the 20th the pain was more of what I expected. I felt pretty good. Mostly like I had done 100 sit-ups there for my abdomen was totally sore. but it was bearable. I thought my left shoulder was hurting from the airport, luggage, and travels home on the 20th. By the time I got home to Oregon on the night of the 20th I was wiped out. The hospital meds had worn off in transit and by the time I was home I hurt every where. With my mom at my house taking care of my family and I, I was able to sleep most of my 2nd day post op. Drinking limited liquid, meds, and sleeping was all I did. I had to remind myself I had a surgery it is OK to need time. The 22nd ( 3rd day post op) I felt 10 times better. but my stamina was still easily drained. After being up for about 15 minutes, I needed to rest. The pain was manageable, I was starting to walk upright ( my 100 sit-ups starting to wear off), the left shoulder pain was still there every once in a while but minimal. Now it is the 23rd and I have been up all day. I am not allowed to do an lifting, which my 17 month old little guy doesn’t like in the slightest. And I sit and take a break when I am feeling tired. My twins are 9 years old and have really stepped up with the chores and my husband is doing the rest. For the most part I am feeling pretty good. The Doctor has me taking pain and antibiotics so I am sure they are a part of things going so well.

Ok the stats....

I left for Mexico ( which was a great surprise.. I will upload the pictures)- 240lbs

this morning- 234 lbs starting Tuesday 5/26/09 I will be weighing weekly to keep the changes a surprises.

I know when I refer the this 6 lbs and lost forever I can say that not just because of the Lapband but because of the lifestyle change I am choosing with the AID of the Lapband. I do realize the Lapband is a tool not a miracle worker. It will take personal determination to NOT retrain my NEW BABY STOMACH to except unhealthy foods. I hope in the last 29 years I have learned enough lessons the hard way to do what I know it right to produce a healthy life style for my family and I. The Lapband offers me a physical redo. Now the work is up to me.

I thank God for knowledge and wisdom given to my Surgeon Dr. Kelly. With this tool I have chosen to overcome the spirit of gluttony.

Rejoicing as I step forward, I can fulfill Ephesians 5: 1

Follow God’s example in everything you do, because you are his dear children.


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Hello everyone,

My name is Kimberly and I had surgery 05-02-09 against everyone warning me of Mexico the drugs, the Swine flu and the surgeons. I'm a stubborn American girl who has Kaiser Insurance but I didn't want to wait for their long classes and loopholes. I went to COSMED in T.J. and had the sweetest and most handsome doctor . Dr. Carlos Gonzales de Cosio...... He is a caring and honest man... I tried to get more meds he said no, I'm a cheater and he does what is best for the patient not what you may want for more money. He will take care of you gently. It has been exactly 3 weeks today and I went for my first fill and I was terrifed. He was gentle and patient and it didn't hurt at all! I think I got 1.5 cc which seems to little as I'm eating today better but I have lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks. I want another 63 pounds and I will be so happy. I started at 231 pds and today 213 @ 3 weeks exactly. All my friends and family and nuts who told me horror stories about Mexico and this surgery were nuts and I am so glad I'm smart enough to listen to my own instincts.... I have heard about joice their receptionist and she is a bit busy but she cares and is human to get overwhelmed but who cares I prefer the direct acess to the doctor anyway don't you! I have his email and if I have any questions I call and he calls back or I email him and he responds instantly....... I will keep posting, probably another 3 weeks i will update everyone.... Good luck and go with your intuition, don't let others and maybe their own selfish or ignorant reasons fool you:)))

Kimberly W

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