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I went in on the 8th to get a fill and they COULDNT get it.

After a X-ray I can see that instead of the port face pointing away from my spine it is pointing slightly towards my left shoulder. It is like it is sitting on my bellf "Shelf". but you know it makes since because since the port it stitched onto my muscle and my belly i pointed that way the port is that way too. I am just hoping it can still be filled and with the exrays we now can see how it sits and SHOULD be able to get it done. If not then I guess I should be getting a passport.

I will have to get a passport and go to TJ. I can fly into Tj for 1000, or to SanDiego for $380.

I will have to go to the local Post office to get my passport card. here is a break down of the costs- state-$20, post office- $25. I will need my birth cert., drivers Lic. , 2 photos (white bkrd), they may take it there.

I called 1877-487-2778 to get this information.

I hope this helps anyone else who may be going to MX.

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