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still cant get filled



First fill was again a bust!!!!!

port is turned pointing to my left shoulder. I had hoped he could hit the spot but it just wasnt working.


So now I dont know which way to go. My options are to do it here in the states, I have no Idea how much that will cost....

Or back to my surgeon. He said he will fix it and fill it for free I just have to get there. So I am looking at getting the passport- $45, Plane ticket thru Orbitz.com- $355 , and I am checking out one nights stay in a hotel while In TJ. So far it is a $400 bill but that really sound fare to me because if I were to get a fill here in the states or $150 plus the $450 for the flouro (this was just raised) then I would be totalling $600 so financially Mexico still makes sence. My issue is the kids!!!! I have 3 and the youngest is 18 months. Last time I left he developed and really bad fit throwing habit and we have been working thru it. FOr the most part it is fine (but he has is moments) maybe I can get him a passport and take him with, but when I am in the surgery who would care for him, Everone would be a stranger! I think if I can get grandma to watch him and My girls who are 9 years old that would be easiest. But my mom lives in New york and My mother in law doesnt want to be involved with my lapband. She doesnt believe in it. So I havent asked my husband is home on the weekend.. I will have to ask my Dr. if he is willing to work on the weekend. So I guess I have more questions than answers...


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