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week 5, first fill, flipped port fixed



5 weeks post op and I had to have a second surgery because the port had turned to the point where it was impossible to get to to fill. So far I have paid $100 in transportation for 3 trips to the Surgeon, $415 surgeon fees and I finally have my first fill of 1.5 cc. I didnt realize the lapband was going to be so expensive to maintain but thru it all I still feel it is totally worth it!

Since the fill I have had some weird nautious spells. After I drink water, soup or whatever it goes down fine but shortly after i start to feel sickly, lightheaded kind of dissy, and I break out in a sweat! totally wierd kindof like a very carsick feeling. It goes away with some deep breathing and a little bit of time. Has anyone else experienced this? what causes it?

I have lost 16lbs in 5 weeks. Eventhough I have little restriction I am loosing weight because I decided to partake in the 5 day pouch test monday thru friday until I have reached the all elusive "Sweet Spot". I refuse to gain weight thru this "bandster hell" My family is very supportive, my inlaws are not and I WILL NOT allow then to think even for a second that this is again another waist of time and money. I have spent so much thru the years trying to Battle Obesity on my own! With the lapband I will not fail.

MOVING FORWARD! The 5 day PT get a little easier each time. And I really Like fish so this is a great one for me.

Has anyone heard of ISOPURE??? I have heard it is the BEST protien drink with 40 grams of protien 0 carbs in a 20oz bottle.

But it is $3.?? per bottle at the Dr.s Office. Does anyone know of a cheaper place to get ISOPURE??

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I would check on line for the ISOPURE. Haven't had any issues with nausa, so I am not a big help there. So your port flipped, that sure does stink. Glad you got it fixed and got a good fill! Can't wait to read what is next!

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