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Scale said 250 this morning! Whaaa hooo!




So I wasn't thinking I was going to drop anymore weight. (especially since the night eater in me struck again last night)

I was pleasantly suprised when I saw 250! Yay! I have been really being conscious about haw many grams of protein I am eating. The bandster diet is one I am still working on. I've had some constipation, or hard poop. So I like to have oatmeal in the mornings. Seems hard to get the protein in and have any room left for fruits or veggies.

The other night I made a skillet of turkey burger, zucchini, fresh green beans, and a can of cream of onion soup. It was great to get some veggies in. I have been lacking in that area. I have noticed that when I do eat a salad or veggies that have been cooked, I can eat more of those without even feeling close to full.

Other news.

My parents are coming to visit Lil D, oh and us too.....It's a grandparent thing. We are more of a after thought or added purk to seeing Lil D. I love how they eat him up, and are the greatest grandparents! He is so blessed to have loving grandparents who really care. Mom's birthday was yesterday, so she will get her present on Saturday. A trail camera! LOL I love her and her odd gift requests. That's my momma! Gonna order her a cake today.

I am not going to focus on my eating TO MUCH this weekend. It will be a nice break to live and eat what I eat. Then it's back to business as usual again when they leave.

My next 10 lbs goal will mark the weight I was at when I got pregnant with Lil D. I will be so happy to see the 240's again. Ahh life is good.

I am enjoying these 10 lbs goals. They are nice markers and a good reason to celebrate!

I hit 250 today and that is really something to celebrate! Yippee! Pretty soon, I will be looking at the 250's in my rear view mirror!




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Thanks Vibrant! I've been setting plenty of mini goals. 250 is nice to see again. I do hope that I don't ever see it again though. Been there done that to many times. Let's hope with the band that will be a reality!

It's nice to get comments! Thanks for reading my entry.

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