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Labor Day with Family




The time spent with my folks was good. They got in late Friday, Lil D stayed up to welcome them. He was so cute. When Grandpa and Grammy pulled up, we made out way outside to greet them. Daniel had been waiting by the door or window, anticipating....waiting. As soon as we stepped out the door he was waving and saying "Hi Hi."

Grammy was so excited to see him, her excitement I think overwhelmed him. He for a brief moment was a tad bit shy. That lasted for a whole 5 seconds. Seeing the 3 of them together was such a joy. For the next two days, the three of them were like peas in a pod. They laughed, play, wrestled, snuggled, hugged, kissed, shopped, finger painted, and carried on like best friends.

I think I got a hug or two, but for the most part Jim and I ceased to exist to the boy who had his grandparents in town. So fun! I am blessed to have great parents. My greatest joy is knowing my son will have the grandparents others only dream of.

Grandpa Dean and Grammy made a special stool for Daniel. It has his name on it and a picture of him and a monkey as well. The stool was a immediate hit! He sat on it, stood on it, carried it. The stool became his. If you touched the stool, he was coming to retrieve it from you. It after all was his very own stool!

I did well with my sneaking food under stress. For that I am proud of myself. I enjoyed myself over the weekend and did ent up gaining a 1.5 lbs back. It doesn't feel the greatest, but I am not beating myself up about it either. I ate what ever I wanted and believe me, we had some yummy food.

Bought some desserts from the farmers market and enjoyed those. I suppose that is where the 1.5 lbs found me from! :lol:

It was hard to see them go back home. Daniel knew they were leaving and kept hugging them and giving them kisses. It was sweet and sad all in the same to see such a emotional display. When they left Daniel sobbed. Which in turn made them get tears in there eyes. Good byes are hard.

Since it was nap time, I took him upstairs after they left and he was soothed. It was a few minutes later and I heard him crying. So, I went up and stroked his hair, offered him some comfort and read him a book to usher him into dream land. When he woke he was happy and went about his buisness, playing and having the fun a 21 month old has.

Mom and I had one moment that I regret. She and I are so much alike, at times we don't mix well. I snapped at her and we had a brief word exchange. That stunk, but at least it was brief. I later said my regrets for my behavior. So I cleaned up my side of the street as best I could. It's to bad I couldn't have held my tounge.

Back to the bandster lifestyle now. Focusing on loosing weight and enjoying life.


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