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Still working through loans



Ok so one bank called me and approved about $5300.00, that is not enough obviously so I am a bit worried. The loan processor told me not to worry that the next bank will call me next week or maybe the week after. Meanwhile, I got two other banks working on a possible approval. One is here in town and they have a good reputation. I was hoping for one full loan but it looks like it may be two. I am a little nervous.

hubby is getting nervous. He still has not asked for the time off, he said that it is better to ask about two weeks before hand but he said no matter what he is going. I worry about my son, we are leaving him for the first time and the daycare owner will be watching him. I worry that if something were to happen, we have no will that tells anyone what to do with him. I dont want my family getting a hold of him. :ph34r: I may call a lawyer to get an appt to make a will. We should have done this a long time ago. I have no idea who I would want to take care of my son. He would most likely go to my husbands family, although I dont really know them.

I guess I am very nervous about this. I have never been to Mexico and you hear horror stories. I am sure it will be fine. I guess my main worry is will I be able to change my poor eating habits? I dont want to pay all this just to have to have it removed. I will have to learn to eat all over again. I am afraid that I will be hungry all the time. I dont think I could stand that. :wacko: I do however like to drink things so liquid diet should not be an issue for me.

I thank god I have the support of everyone here. 6.gif/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' /><' /> This is a huge decision and I think I have made it with good information on my side and I dont feel like I will be alone if something happens. With my husband doing this too. I think it will help us to make better decisions about what we choose to put in our mouth. :blink:

I look forward to hearing from the bank, I hope they call me soon. This waiting is terrible.


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You are too blessed to be stressed. Remember why you are doing this. You have a beautiful supportive family. Stay focused on the future you and the life you will be living.

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