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Working on background



I put on a new background but I dont know if it worked. Have to wait to see if it is accepted. It was a butterfly. I liked it. Well the count down has started about 7 weeks and we should be on a plane. Hubby asked me today if this is a for sure thing. Is anything ever for sure? I told him, we have put alot of money on this, it better be. I think he is scarred. I am too but, I am more scarred of dieing because I have fatty liver. I almost look forward to the pre-op diet, just to see how much I can lose. I am nervous. This whole thing is very scarry. So far everyone has been supportive except my family. Too bad they dont understand how important this is to me, or maybe they do and they dont care. It's ok no matter what they say, I know this is the right decision for me and my husband. We have to change our lives. I hope that we get to meet other people who are doing this on the same day as us, that may make it easier. I look forward to Sept 19th, a new beginning.


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