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6 and half week count down



Ok yes, I am crazy. :wacko: I am going to count ever freaking minute. I am excited, worried, scarred. Every emotion that is possible. My husband is freaking out. He is on this job and it has to get done by Tuesday and he is worried they are going to lay him off. I keep telling him just do what you can do and it will be alright. I am going to concentrate my efforts on trying to pay off some bills, since I will soon have a loan to pay for :(( I hate loans. I am scarred of something going wrong afterwards. My dr ran some test to check my liver, those results should be in next week. I know I have fatty liver. He said once I lose weight that it should be good. I keep wondering what I should eat now, that I may not be able to eat later. It is nice outside, I should just go for a walk but I am tired. I can't wait for the surgery to be over. I guess my biggest worry is my son. I have never been away from him. How is he going to handle it? He is not going to understand. He can't talk, he has autism. He is not going to be able to tell anyone how afraid he is that we are gone. :( I am doing this for him. I am going to try to explain this. That he will be ok. I will call him every night, even though he can not talk to me. I will let him hear my voice and tell him I love him. How scarry, it all makes me sad. I hope the person I picked to care for him will be good and really treat him with soft gloves. He is my little man, I would die if something happened to him. :(( I am going to hold him every night very close to me. :wub: Once this is over, I hope hubby will be ok. He is really nervous about something going wrong. I am trying to stay positive that it will be ok. We are going to lose this weight, we have to..


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Hi Stormy,

I know how you feel, I was very concerned about going to Mexico for my surgery. My family was having a hissy fit! After I spent months reading about Dr. Ortiz and his patients I started feeling more and more confident.

I am happy to report that I was Banded by Dr. Ortiz on July 29th. I have lost a total of 20 lbs as of this morning and I have nothing but great things to say about him and his staff. Everything went so smooth it was amazing... we flew in, they picked us up and took us to our room (which was very nice), the next morning they took us to the hospital,(where I got to visit with about 5 gals that had surgery the day before... they were walking around and feeling fine). I got my labs done, then they prepped me for the surgery, Dr. Ortiz came in and talked with us for about 20 minutes. They took me in for the procecdure and the next thing I know I was back in my room, banded, and feeling fine. The next day they picked up my husband and brought him to the hospital, we got checked out and were toted back to the hotel. We had dinner by the pool... it was great. He had pasta (he's Mr. skinny... ggggrrrrrrrr) and I had chicken broth! I was really just a little sore, nothing like the 2 previous abdominal surgeries I had in the past. They took us back to the airport the next morning... and that was it.

Unbelievably smooth! You will do great. If "I" can do the pre-op diet any one can... I was the M&M queen and ate constantly!

I haven't had pizza or pasta in days... and well, I'm still alive! (I would have never believed it was possible)

Good luck to you, I can't wait to hear your good report!


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