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I hate this time of month



I know all women go through this but for me it is horrible. I get into a mode where I am confused about everything. Am I making the right choices? Where is my life going? Am I doing the right things? Am I going to get into trouble somewhere? It is horrible. I am even doubting the surgery. Maybe it is fear. I know I am going to do it, I know this is temp, it is only a week or 10 days out of the month that I am crazy. But I feel so uncomfortable. Today at work was terrible. We had a shooting in the parking lot, so the building went into lock down. I was afraid. As the police drove their ATV's around the building looking for the guy, I couldnt help but call my husband and tell him how scarred I was. Thank god they got him. But I dont usually react this way. I am so bloated and so scarred. What the heck is going on? I think it is anxiety. It will pass. I worry they are going to cancel the loan. I want this, I need this. My husband needs this, yet I can tell he is afraid too. Thank goodness for the forum. I dont know what I would do. I am scarred about not being able to eat. But I have fatty liver, I have to change my life. I know I can do this. I know he can do this. I know we can do it together.


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