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My whole life, my goal has been to lose weight, never been satisified with where I was, always had my eye on where I was wanting to be. Today my scale sits at 135. ME!?!?!? 135. Can't be! never! I see myself as I was... when I look in the mirror, most of the time I still see "fat Lori" - I think someone that hasn't had a life long battle with the scale could never understand this! I was walking this weekend and saw a shadow on the ground. Of a slim/trim woman. I was thinking wow I'd like to look like that... then I realized... hey that is ME! ME ME ME.... it is me wearing a size 6 jeans. ME! really? YEP! I hold up the jeans, and I think they look small, but somehow when I see myself, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that those jeans... those size 6 jeans that look small when I'm holding them in my hands FIT me (sometimes a little looselyl) they fit ME... How did that happen? The sleeve from Obesity Control Center is how that happened... my rescue surgery from Dr. Ortiz has changed my life. I don't battle with food anymore. I can eat whatever I want just in much smaller quantities.

I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, I had to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy and all kinds of fun (NOT!) tests, but the one thing my gastroenterologist was SURE of was that my sleeve was PERFECT! He said the shape and size were right, no signs of any issues with that and no ulcers. As with any US doctor, they are always a little suspicious of going to Mexico for surgery, but he said everything about it was perfect and has NOTHING to do with the celiac diagnosis. I always knew Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez were wonderful surgeons, but its always nice to have that confirmed!

If you are battling with your weight, battling with your band, and just want to try something else... email me at lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com or call 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81, I'd love to talk with you!


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Hi Lori,

I know what you mean about holding small clothes! As my clothes get smaller it is amazing to think, wow, I wear THOSE. It is the same for me when I look back on the clothes I used to wear, 4 sizes larger! I love it! I have gone through those same tests you did, mine back in 2007 before my plication surgery at the OCC. And while they did not call me 'celiac' all they would say is IBM issues and a 'sensitivity' to flour. Well, that is celiac enough for me. I have stayed away from flour since 2007 because when I eat it, it feels like thousands of tiny needles ripping through my stomach. Painful and just not nice. Personally I consider it a blessing. We are lucky we live in a time where there are gorgeous gourmet GF (gluten free) foods everywhere now! And gorgeous almond milk. I enjoyed reading your post and feel very happy for you and very happy for those of us who have found the fantastic Dr.'s at the OCC. Continued success. :)

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Lori, I loved reading your blog, I am really considering getting the Gastric Sleeve I am at the point in my life when everything is coming together I am about to graduate college, my boyfriend and I are talking about marriage. Everything is going great except my weight I have always be very heavy and very unhappy. I believe that this surgery could change my life, change how I look at my life. I love reading everyone's blog and reading about their success it gives me hope, and courage to get the surgery. But I have talked to my family and my boyfriend they are against me getting the surgery and it doesn't help that they don't want to me to travel to Mexico. But I have done my research on Dr. Ortiz and I feel very confident in him and the OCC. The only thing that is holding me back from scheduling the surgery is my family. So I can say that I am in a pickle.


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Thank you Ana! I do feel blessed by finally knowing what was causing me so much pain, and getting back to feeling better (since I look so much better!!!)

Mishell - this is a decision you need to really make for YOU. I didn't tell my family about my surgery (except for my husband) until months after, because I knew I was making the right decision, and going with the right doctor. If my insurance had covered my procedure, or I'd had $20,000 to have the surgery done in the US, I still would have chosen to go to Dr. Ortiz and Obesity Control Center. You don't find better care anywhere! If you would like to speak with me, confidentially, just call me at 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81 or email lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com and I will be happy to discuss your options!

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