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12 days until solids



So far we are doing well, I think anyhow. I nibbled on a piece of chocolate. It melted in my mouth. Not sure that counted. I sucked on a carrot but did not eat it. Just wanted to dressing off of it. It has been milkshakes, gartorade, slimfast, soup and liquid vitamins. I am not sure that is enough. I need to find more protein for my diet. Hubby too said that he feels tired but he states that his back doesnt hurt anymore and when I thought about it, either does mine. That is pretty good. My stomach by the port is still sore but that is getting better. There is no pain other than that. I think we are doing pretty good. We are checking on our options for our first fill but we have plenty of time. I need to work on sitting up straight, I think that is going to affect the band, that may be what is causing me some pain in my stomach. Not sure. But I will talk to the dr about that when we get our fill. I think I will call Dr Miranda to get more ideas on what to eat for protein, because I know we are not getting enough. I sent away for the medical reembursement on hubbys flex account, I sure hope they dont deny it. That is going to pay for our fills. I will find out in about two weeks, right around the time we start eating. Maybe I will use that to take us to dinner. Somewhere that hardly gives you any food, or better yet we will buy one meal for all three of us. My son would like that, he loves to share. He keeps trying to feed us. He doesnt understand. We just keep telling him, we can't right now, maybe later.


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