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ONE MONTH POST OP---today!!! minus 30 lbs



Minus 30 today!!! 2 more to go and never again will I see the 200's!!! I am exactly one month post op and onto soft foods. I was a little excited about the whole soft foods things but after having the poached egg, not so excited anymore. Interesting how the food did not go down so easy, its kind of hard to explain, but slow going and by the time I was done the egg was cold and I had enough anyways. You sure can feel how somethings are easy to go down and others cause you discomfort. That's a good word, not pain, but not comfortable feeling. Another thing I do not think I have done yet is fill myself to the FULL point. I usually eat til I think I am full, satisfied for sure but not STUFFED. Don't want to have that feeling. I have had no acid reflux, no heartburn, no problems really. I am now taking my suppliements whole, no more crushing or blending in vitamins and such. That is really good. I am still on 1 to 2 protein shakes a day. Cottage cheese, yogurts, mashed sweet potatoes. I had mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy which was heavenly! but of course a half a cup. I have had troubles with my Weight watchers stupid scale. I just bought it and I even swore off it for a few days as I am getting no where on it, stalled!! Then I tried the other features, BMI..etc and it shows Err...so I pulled out my old school style scale that I was using from the very beginning and it says I am down another 3 lbs. I think the WW scales is a big Err. I have had no issues whatsoever with my health, the healing process, I have been in the hot tub a few times in the past week, all is very good! I am 1/3 of the way to my goal, looking forward to the rest of summer!!! Keep up the good work friends!!! The best part of our lives are head of us yet!!!


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WOW!! Amazing results :) I'm so excited...I wish it were tomorrow and not next week.

How soon were you able to return to work? I'm having surgery on the 28th (Thursday) and had hoped to be back at work by Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. I have a desk job...not very demanding physically, just mentally draining.

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My surgery was on a Monday, flew home on Friday, stayed an extra day in TJ and glad I did. Went to work on Saturday, realtor -- open houses on the weekend and showings, but will say I was busy for a week and found it took me 2 weeks to feel rested. To get my energy back. Shortness of breath, need to use the spirometer a lot. Be sure to take with you. I hit a stall for a week at 200 and just now kicked it under to 198!!!! . I can not believe it has been day 37 since my surgery, solid foods on day 40. Good Luck to you, oh ya I took a gift for the staff , Canadian stuff, Dr O says he likes Wine.... FYI

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Hi! I am having a sleeve done in June. Can you tell me how you were feeling the day after surgery? Was there any vomiting after? How was your energy level? Thanks!

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