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My Third Fill

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Well, yesterday I went for my 3rd fill. Everything went great, they said my band was in perfect placement and looked great. I also had not lost any of my fill, it was still there 1.5cc. I told them that I was hungry about 2 hours after I eat and that my portions have increased to about 1/2 of what I used to eat. So, she gave me one more cc. So, I am now at 2.5 CC. I am really excited. I definitely noticed when I drank the water yesterday the difference. And even last night drinking coffee and broth when I got home, I had to go much slower. I really hope this is my sweet spot!! When I left there, I took off to meet the trainer and had a great workout. It was a great day!

All day today drinking my protein shake etc. I have had to go really slow, I can really feel the restriction. I hope this is a good sign!

I am also celebrating my 5 month Bandiversary today! I am very thankful to Dr. Ortiz and his staff for being so wonderful to me! This is just the begining.......



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Congrats girl! I really hope this fill does the trick for ya!

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Hey everyone! Thanks for your nice, sweet compliments! I told someone yesterday that I feel younger than I have in YEARS! It is amazing to me how much weight, truly brings you down. My energy level is way up. I am not requiring as much sleep, I wake up at like 5 am & hit the elliptical. I am doing weight training 2 days a week with a trainer. I AM SO HAPPY! I love my band & if I could (without getting in trouble, I would kiss Dr. O) lol haha :D

SO....this 3rd fill is CRAZY. I have finally learned what all of you have talked about when you say restriction and really having to go slow. I have been on liquids, but even when drinking my Muscle Milk, it takes 20 minutes or so. Tonight I had soup & it got very cold before I was able to finish it. I feel restriction with liquids. But, they are staying down. Good sign. I am staying on liquids through the weekend & will start eating Monday. I don't want there to be in swelling and I want to be able to eat with no problems next week. (I know its going to be TINY portions).

So, Here is to kicking Plateaus AZZ & droping some more lbs! haha

DENISE....My Diva Girlfriend, I can't wait to see you on the 28th!!!!

Love yall!


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