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Packing Advice..?

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Hey everyone! Hope you are all well! I will be leaving a week from today to go to TJ to be banded!! YEAH!!! I was just hoping you guys could give me a little advice on what to take with me. I want to keep it light, so I can avoid racking up a bunch of extra baggage charges with the airlines! What are the essentials you would recommend? I know the norms.. like personal hygiene stuff... how should I pack for clothes? Anybody know what the weather is like there right now? Did you take mostly comfy clothes for after surgery? Did you take laptops with you? I have a very small netbook. I know this seems silly but I just would feel better if I got some opinions from people who have already been down! Thanks so much!! :P

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I left from Canada and only took one small carry on bag with me. Did not want to check any luggage. I did take my lap top and fit it right into my carryon.

Don't forget that all liquids in containers cannot be over 90 mls. They also must be inside a clear zip lock bag. ( check the mls on the airport site it might be 50)

Wear shoes you can just slip off because they do make you take your shoes off and put them in a bin, your lap top has to come out and go in a bin and your liguids.

I wore very loose fitting capris and a loose shirt. Packed only the capris and 2 shirts.. Bring a bra that does not have any wire support and does not fit really tight. One of your incisions is right where your bra rest.

Bring gas strips

Bring some packages of broth. You can use bottled water to run through the coffee maker and make cups of broth which is nice. Also brought crystal light.

Only drink bottled water even for brushing your teeth. Use bottled water for making your coffee etc. NO TAP WATER. NO ICE.

Only having one bag that you can take on the plane makes it so much easier and then you don't have to wait around for luggage afterwards.

Also easier to manage post op when you are going home.

Hope these tips are helpful. Keep us posted on your journey and good luck.


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I too traveled light, but I did take my bathing suit. I arrived on a Thursday and after I had my initial consultation at OCC I went back to the Marriott and sat by the pool for several hours. I did the same on Saturday, the first day post op. You can google the weather network for T.J/SanDiego...the temps there are pretty mild & usually in the mid 70's this time of year.

Definitely only wear slip-on shoes/sandels. You won't be comfortable having to bend down to tie or lace and I also suggest no heels. Shorts? sure why not..capri's work too & I think you'll find blue jeans too heavy. I'd also take a light jacket...the early mornings can be still cool. I changed into my P.J.'s immediately after awakening from surgery. The thought of parading up and down the hallway of the clinic in the hospital nightie (with it's open back) and pretty paper panties was not on My agenda..lol

The Marriott provided awesome shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

If you have a small carry-on bag (with an extended handle for towing alongside or behind) that's the one to take.

& Don't forget your passport!!!

You'll do just fine. OCC takes good care of you!! :D



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Excellent tips everyone. I just wished I had packed some tennis shoes to walk the treadmills at the hotel.

You look awesome Donna!! What a great job you've been doing ! Time to get into some 'hot girl clothes!!! lol

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Found this in an old thread I posted about the same topic - here is what I took...good luck!!!



I am a chronic over packer as well so I understand!!! Definitely don't worry about your hair dryer. Take some tennie shoes and comfy clothes and of course your bathroom stuff. I bought bottled water there and took special K2O packs with me. I bought broth and jello from the hotel and they had it all ready to go and knew if you were an OCC patient what you needed.

It's been a bit so I might forget stuff, but here is what I brought:

- 2 to 3 days worth of comfy clothes (nothing tight very loose stuff)

- I took flip flops, but if you are down there in the winter you might need regular tennies

- bathroom stuff

- liquid tylenol (what they gave me at the OCC did nothing for me, but might work for you)

- heating pad

- special K20 packets

- camera

- birth certificate, ID, etc...

- all necessary OCC paperwork

Right across the street is a convenience store where you can get bottled water, gatoraide, etc...

Another hint I learned, call the front desk and ask for extra pillows! I felt most comfortable when I could basically sleep sitting up and the pillows helped. Taking the heating pad and putting one pillow on top of it helped me too.

If you have a laptop or can get one, take it with you too. Lucerna has free WiFi and that saved me. There are only a few English speaking channels on the TV, so that helped me keep busy between walks around the floor.

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Thanks everyone!! I feel much more confident in my preparation now!!!

You guys are all looking awesome!! You are such great inspiration and support.. I cant wait to join bandland!! Just gotta get the last 7lbs preop weight off and get off these last few cigs a day and all will be good!!! :P

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Thanks CALF.

Excellent post Shelby. I TOTALLY overpacked.

One thing that saved my gas pain was a massage at the hotel. The bell boy arranged it for me in my room and it was highly recommended by Dr Miranda. Helped move the gas through all the joints and muscles. ;)

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I soooo wish I would have gotten a massage! My mom did and she was in heaven! Definitely take advantage of that!

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I was just gonna ask the same thing tonight and thought--hmm maybe I'll do a search first. ;)

So laptop, massage, crystal light, broth, pj's, bathing suit, flip flops, yoga pants and cami's. Sounds like I'm ready to go!

1. Heating pad

2. Wireless bras

3. I wish I would have packed something to wrap around my mid-section for support under my loose clothes clothes

4. gas-X

5. Benefiber powder to sprinkle in your broth/drinks to control hunger

6. tea bags (highly recommend Bigelow Vanilla Chai)

7. slip on shoes (you will not want to bend over)

8. Lots of single bills for tipping

9. Add international roaming to your cell phone plan if you can. I have Sprint and lucked out. Since TJ borders the US I did not get charge for 99% of my calls since the network read it in spots like I was still in the US. My total bill from Mexico was $1.96

10. Your own favorite blanket or flannel/fleece sheets if you can. It just adds a nice touch to the hospital bed and a strong sense of home. The OCC has good linens but nothing like my Hello Kitty fleece blanket.

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I was just gonna ask the same thing tonight and thought--hmm maybe I'll do a search first. ;)

So laptop, massage, crystal light, broth, pj's, bathing suit, flip flops, yoga pants and cami's. Sounds like I'm ready to go!

I would just add one other thing--a light bag to take to the clinic with you to hold your pj's and slippers. No need to take toiletries to the clinic because they'll have you on the shuttle back to the hotel at 8am the next morning.

Also, if you want to take your laptop, great, but they do have computers at the Marriott and also at the OCC clinic. At the OCC clinic, you'll also have a phone with US lines in your room!

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It was cool in the mornings and evenings(banded on the 7th). I am a cold natured person and wore long pants, long sleeves and a light weight jacket most of the time. Something to add: 1 dollar bills for tipping. We tipped 2 or 3 dollars for most things, was nice to have lots of ones. Oh, lip stuff - I had my lip balm out quite a bit.

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