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I have an NSV to share, that might be too much information, but ah well, I am gonna do it anyway.

I went into Victoria's Secret to but some panties yesterday because all mine are way too big and I got the best compliment and had an NSV.

So here goes,

I went into Vickies and asked one of the salesgirls there how I figure out which size panties to buy. (It has been a long time since I bought panties that were not a size 8/9 in the mega packs.)

So anyways, the girl says, You are about my size, you should be wearing a small.

My jaw dropped because I thought I had mis-heard her, so I said "excuse me", she says you need a "small".

There was that word again...small??? I couldn't believe what I had heard.

I also thought this girl might have lost her mind by claiming that I was a small in panties.

So of course I immediately hugged :friends: this stranger and told her she was wonderful as I was tearing up.

Well, the kicker was, if I liked extra low rise panties, :yahoo: the small fit. However, I am a full coverage kinda gal and went with the mediums.

So GOOD-BYE big girl panties!!!

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