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Ultimate Compliment

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I went to the grocery store with my 13 year old daughter yesterday afternoon. I sent her off to get something. So I get a call on my cell phone from her wanting to know where I am. I tell on the bread aisle. She says she doesn't see me. I turn around and there she is. So she tells me, "I didn't know it was you, you're so skinny". Love It!!!

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That is GREAT! I love it.

It really is amazing when your kids see the hard work you have accomplished and you can stump them. ;)

My daughter is close in age as yours, she is 14, and she told me one day that I am no longer like the other mom's of her friends. She says I look more like her older sister than her mom. It felt wondrous to have her say that.

When did you have your surgery? Keep up the good work.



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LOVE IT!!!! And especially to hear that from a kid that age that is huge!!!!

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