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breathing exercise

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A 20% reduction in oxygen blood levels may be caused by the aging process and normal breathing habits. Poor breathing robs energy and negatively affects mental alertness. Unless breathing is exercised, aging affects the respiratory system as follows:

Stiffness: The rib cage and surrounding muscles get stiff causing inhalation to become more difficult. Less elasticity and weak muscles leave stale air in the tissues of the lungs and prevents fresh oxygen from reaching the blood stream.

Rapid, Shallow Breathing: This type of breathing, often caused by poor posture and weak or stiff muscles, leads to poor oxygen supply, respiratory disease, sluggishness, or heart disease.

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you can use this link to order a spirometer from Amazon, in some states they require a prescription, so if you are a non-smoker with no other pulmonary issues, you can use the small water balloons and blow those up 5-6 times per day (use a new balloon each time)

While cardio can over the long haul increase your pulmonary function, this type of exercise will do the job we need it to do in a shorter period of time.

The reason for this on the sleeve/plication/bypass surgeries is because we have to intubate on these surgeries because we must put a measure device (32 bougie) to measure the pouch size. That is not necessary with the band surgery.

any questions, please let me know

here's that link: Incentive Spirometer on Amazon

You may be able to find a spirometer at your local pharmacy or medical supply store as well :)

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What are the breathing exercises for? I have heard of breathing after surgery but not before surgery. What is the benefit of this?

Edmund, it seems the breathing exercises are intended to keep the lungs clear, especially post op. Postoperative patients are more susceptible to pneumonia. Deep breathing and coughing exercises help to avoid that.

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