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What does reversible mean to plication?

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so - I should probably ask the docs - and I will - but thought I would throw it out to you all. What do they mean - this is a reversable surgery. I understand that nothing is "cut" out , but the stomach is partially unattached from the connecting tissue, folded on itself and stitched, repeatably to itself...how is it possible to undo this after any length of time?

I understand how it could be adjusted - that makes sense.

Anyone have more info on this?

DonnaC in Seattle (ps I keep posting hoping that someone will read these!)

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well bless your heart! Thanks - you know how it is - you get ready for surgery and post your little heart out and hope it helps someone besides yourself...

I found out the answer - it's reversible because nothing is cut out and you can take out the stitches (especially the way OC does it) but it does have a bit of lasting effect depending on how long the procedure has been in place...but it's not like trying to put back in stomach or intestines that have been cut out lol.


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I wondered that myself Donna.. I knew they could remove the sutures and maybe even adhere the stomach in place but I wondered if there would be some malformation of the stomach .. you know like the feet of some chinese women whose feet are deformed from shoes too tight? I don't think there are any reversals as yet. So as far as I know (in the information I have read)they can only speculate.

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good points. With the Plication there are no bones involved so it's just a bunch of soft tissue/organ that needs to move back into some other position - and I think of it sort of like silly puddy - leave it on the desk and it goes flat every time..

I am hoping I don't ever have to find out but it's always better to research than to be surprised.

Donnac (can ya tell I am getting a bit nervous - but so ready)

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